Silvia Hartmann writes:

Every revolutionary new art movement has a seed but it needs more than one artist to thrive.

I would like to seed the first generation of true Masters of Modern Energy Art, to discover the joy of modern energy art for themselves, and to share with the world the gift that only they would have to give.

Modern Energy is a paradigm shift in every field, and every field of human endeavour needs Modern Energy.

So why am I focusing on art when there is so much suffering in the world today?

On a personal level, I have worked for the last 40 years tirelessly to find out the reasons for all the suffering, and to find solutions for this.

Discovering the reality of energy, expressed in the emotions of humankind, was the solution.

I have spent the last 25 years creating simple, logical structures that help people not how to delete their emotions, but to understand that emotions are our guidance system in life. Master your emotions, and a whole new emerges.

The foundations have been laid, and there are many wonderful Modern Energy Trainers and professional Modern Energists helping people take charge of their stress, raise their energy and emerge into a whole new world of possibility, power and yes, enlightenment.

As my time here is running out, I am considering my legacy, and what else I can do to change the world of men.

And here we have it - art.

Art is the genesis of human civilisation. Art creates civilisation. Civilisation creates societies. Societies create laws. The world in which we live today was created by ART.

Art is magical in that way. Artists are the leaders who open the doors to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new ways of making things real.

If we really want a new world, a different world where love is a reality and where people make sense, then we need new art.

Modern Energy Art is that new art.

I could talk metaphysically here but I am German, and I love logic.

The fact is that the living human energy systems are not as evolved as they need to be to face the insane challenges of modern society. People are entirely overwhelmed by stress and they don't know how to fix that.

The energy body pathways and circuits which are responsible for the personal power any of us have are often damaged, but most of all, many systems in the energy body are stuck in an infantile state because they have not evolved.

These are the exact energy flows and pathways we stimulate when we adults attempt to do "art."

The creative circuitry in the energy body, restored, brings power with it that cannot be found in any other place, or achieved in any other way.

For each person, these pathways are unique and entirely individual.

That is why each artist needs to take their own journey, in their own way.

In the past, this was confusing, insane, dangerous.

With Modern Energy, the path to engaging and empowering "the magical artist within" is ... exciting, glorious and entirely wonderful!

The Modern Energy paradigm presupposes many things that come to play in art in a whole new way.

There is the notion that "you are the gift that only you would have to give."

From that flows that there isn't a critic, a teacher or a master who can tell you what you should make, or how you should make it. It's yours. Your gift. Always precious, always beloved.

This gives us a total turnaround in how an artist treats themselves, and the products of their own aspect's labours over time.

Instead of endlessly criticising and taking energy away, we create a flow of love across all the aspects, past, future and present. This uplifts us NOW in the most profound way, gives us the wind beneath our wings we need to evolve.

The future orientation of Modern Energy is another gift - we stop digging around in the misery of the past, and we also stop being simply reporters on how bad it all is at present. Instead, we look for the solutions - the Art Solutions, to bring about a better state of being. Instead of social criticism, we create the future.

There is so much more and still more that is wonderful about Modern Energy Art, but there is one more important factor that sets it apart entirely from what came before.

This is the question of being able to read and write energetic realities in any medium of the artist's choice.

Modern Energy Art is not just about the artist, but it is also about giving the audience the chance to understand art in a whole new way.

"Where do you feel THAT in YOUR body? Show me with your hands!"

Understanding art as energy transmission, and to be able to read the energy of any work of art and understand it, is probably the greatest gift of Modern Energy Art.

Art is hugely powerful. Art is magical; it is major magic in action. It is time that the old barriers that separated artists from themselves are finally dissolved. It is time that the barriers that separated "the people" from art are taken away so that love, energy and power may begin to flow once more, and in doing so, enlighten, uplift and empower us all.

Someone has to start the (R)[E]volution, somewhere.

Today, we are IT.

It's our generation, our time, and the time is here to change the world of men for the better.

In that sense, I invite you to take part in the Modern Energy Art (R)[E]volution.

Today, I am looking for the first people who understand what I am saying here, and who will join me in this endeavour.

Modern Energy is here to stay.

Modern Energy Art is going to lead the way.

I can't wait to find out what will happen next.

With love,


Modern Energy Artist

& President of The Guild of Energists