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Have you ever started a painting and then something happened, it didn't get finished, and ended up kicking around the studio for ages?

Well that's happened to me. I've been moving the damned thing hither and tither for at least three years until the moment came and I said, "F ... k it!" ... and went for it!

Yes, that was amazing fun.

Like a threshold breach or perhaps a threshold shift, and it was.

It was fun. Relieving, releasing, a different attitude, freedom to do whatever TF I wanted to do.

A picture with words on


Here are some details from The FIP:


Blue tree thing detail from FIB


Green circle thing detail from FIP


Random tentacles detail from FIP


sparkly silver thing detail from FIP


Golden ball things detail from FIP

And here's the completed ...

The Complete FIP Abstract Energy Art Painting by Silvia Hartmann


Very mixed media on canvas, 24"x35" Silvia Hartmann December 2016

"Go for it. You only live once."


Posted Dec 4, 2016 More Art ...

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