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The Mirrorman

The Mirrorman

2007 - small sculpture 12" H approx. 

Plus the Mirrorman HypnoDream. 

Mirrorman Sculpture by Silvia Hartmann

The Mirrorman

2007 - small sculpture 12" H approx.




The Mirrorman

Step away from yourself.

Step away, far away,
far away enough until
you can see yourself
in time and space
and all dimensions.

See it all, really all,
and everything you are.

There is a lot to see for sure.

There is a lot to know.

There is a whole lot more
than you might have suspected,
and a lot of it is alien,
strange and far away;
and more still is
quite inexplicable
as like a double terminated
iceberg or a crystal
you can see yourself
and how you resonate
through time and space
the manifold dimensions
and still extend still further,
into the singing darkness
way above, beyond, below,

forever, if you will

infinite, if you will

for you are all those things
and more besides
and though this is amazing as it is
and though to see yourself in such a way
to feel yourself in such a way
is surely a most wondrous gift,
today we are right here
to see another kind of light,
a special kind of light
that lives inside,
that is of you,
that is the heart of miracles
of love,
of all that's bright
and wonderful,
and all that's
dark and so mysterious as well -

here is a different kind of light
that does illuminate it all,
right at the center of your
many systems you can see it
if you shift your point of view
and you let go of shapes and forms
and gravity,
allow all that
to fall away,
to become quite
just for a moment
as we are drawn into the light inside,
the light of thousand lights,
the light of every colour,
liquid light,
a light in motion,
like you've never seen,
so beautiful,
so resonant,
the singing light inside
the man or woman,
human just the same,
here is the same light
at your heart and root,
the light of love and
all perspectives -

can you see it now,
can you see it glowing,
growing brighter,
and still brighter,
and yet this is a light
that never hurts your eyes;
it flows into you
and to observe it is to drink it,
to be blessed by holy light,
the light that sings and dances,
is alive,
is so alive,
and living love is what it is,
a reservoir and generator both,
it is a part of you,
it is right there
and yours in every way.

I call this light the mirror man
so that I can begin to speak to it,
to tell it of my wants and needs,
of loneliness and pain,
and know that it will take it all,
but more than that,
the living light it reaches far and wide,
it touches others all around,
it knows so many things,
so many beings all by name,
and here it is not just our messenger,
our guide, and our translator,
but our portal to the all there is,
to all there are,
our way to ask for changes,
ask for gifts,
to ask for healing and for blessings,
for it bridges this and that,
and here and then,
and them and
us, it is our messenger,
it is our guide,
and our translator and still more,
for it is also our champion,
parent in this realm
that we in consciousness know little of,
and understand more little still,
and that is as it should be
for when we expand
the I to be all that we saw,
and to include the mirrorman,
then I becomes another altogether,
and we begin to step into our powers,
rights and duties to create reality,
reality that is aligned above,
beyond, below and
yet right here as well so we can tell,
that we are right, and
life is what it means to be,
amazing sounds and visions,
touches, feelings and emotions,
sights and scents and tastes, the moments
all together make the life,
so make it rich and make it bright,
and make it full of love and light,
each moment precious
as the greatest jewel of them all,
each moment wondrous and
beyond the scope of words,
but when we speak our hearts and minds,
and when we speak in such a way
that our mirroman will hear,
will listen, what we say begins to matter,
what we say will be then taken,
carried out and far and wide,
and ripples in the tapestry of time and
space are the reward as finally,
our call is heard,
as finally our pleas are answered,
as finally, they know we have arrived.

The portal, pool of liquid light that lives inside
each living man and woman,
child the same,
it lies before you and
belongs to you in every way.

Reach out and touch it,
taste it, know it to be true,
to be your own, unique to you,
and more than that,
as it is you entirely
there is nothing more and
deeply dedicated to your path,
to your own best and highest aims,
and it is here to serve you,
help you, heal you,
work for you and work with you
as every system of ourselves is born to do,
is made to do by the Creative Order who decreed
that we should have such systems
so that we might stay in touch,
in contact with the greater worlds our bodies sense,
our minds can guess and
our mirromen indeed,
traverse and act within.

Now let that portal made of living light
take shape and form
so you can see the man or woman that you are reflected there,
know that it is indeed,
your own, your self,
your portal absolutely,
something that is yours,
belongs to you and
you can choose just what you want to do
- once you have seen the portal,
touched the light and
felt that it was yours,
and right,
the mirrorman awaits;
it waits for you to learn to know it better,
use it more, and worry not
to use it wisely for it cannot act in any other way
for it is light and
knows the light;
it judges not,
it only loves,
it only knows to love you in a way
that is the purest love of all;
it will protect you from your conscious foibles,
from our own mistakes,
you can tell it anything and
it will do its very best to give
you what you really need and
to blossom,
and for your reality to be
what it was meant to be,
without the fear,
without the strife,
a magic life of wonderment and of achievement,
of endeavour, pride and
of accomplishment,
of moments filled with awe and
glory and with joy,
surprises, miracles and gifts for you
and you deserve them all if you begin to understand
just how the mirrorman is on your side,
has always been,
has always waited that you should discover
all that liquid, living light inside,
that you should now remember,
you should know,
and all the judgements drop away and
you are new -
a child who seeks their path,
fiercely loved,
in every way.

Now all you have to do is to remember,
use the light inside,
the portal made from liquid living light,
and use the mirrorman in every day,
in every way;
the more you speak to it,
the more it learns
to listen and to understand;
the more it understands,
the more it gives to you,
the more it gives to you,
the more you understand
just how it works,
and what you have to say and do
to make your dreams come true,
and also now to dream a different dream,
new dreams you never had before,
old dreams that were forgotten
coming to the fore and
ask to be fulfilled, and
so much more besides -
this is your time,
this is your portal,
its your life,
its up to you and know
that when I say it's up to you,
I mean that you
you saw,
the you of every thing
above, around, beyond, below,
and in the very center is the portal,
the pool, the flame
of liquid living light
in human form,
your mirrorman,
the singing light inside.


Silvia Hartmann


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