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Energy Artist Silvia Hartmann

My name is Silvia Hartmann.

I am the creator of Modern Energy,

the president of The GoE and the first Modern Energy Artist.

Energy Artist Silvia Hartmann with Energy Art on Sunday Live August 2021

 Energy Artist Silvia Hartmann with Energy Art on Sunday Live August 2021

Art is essential in my work as a modern energy scientist, as art precedes philosophy, which precedes all further human thinkings and doings, including science.

As the creator of Modern Energy, I see it as my duty to bring Modern Energy Art into the very foundations of Modern Energy, our new "Science of Love," right from the beginning.

Art, in its widest metaphorical sense, is not only a human birthright, but an application of self without which we cannot thrive.

I once coined the phrase, "People without creativity are angels with broken wings," and I know this to be true more profoundly than the past aspect who said this ever did.

I create Modern Energy Art based objects and entities in as many different modalities as my time and skills allow. I love words, speaking, writing, singing, but I am also keenly aware that there are layers and levels of us that don't think or speak or react to language. We need to both express and communicate with these levels in a different way. Art is that way.

Modern Energy Art comes from the world beyond that great paradigm shift, where we have 6 senses, and not just five. The moment we become enlightened to that fact, art starts to make sense, the artists and what they are doing start to make sense, and we are in a different position when it comes to making art.

Art and magic where once one and the same. They still are. We just need to take control of ourselves and think differently about what we create, how we create, and what our contributions might want to be.

Modern Energy Art is awesome. It's a wonderful thing to be engaging with, and it never, ever gets old. I would love to see the end of "art therapy" as we know it, and a new beginning to use the power of art to uplift, heal, transform and bring solutions that cannot be found in any other place, in any other way.

I invite you to take part in the Modern Energy r[E]volution. Find out for free what it is all about, and if you are an active artist, you might be surprised, but once you get over the shock, find the excitement and delight of there being wondrous new worlds for each one of us to discover.

Get your free r[E}volution eBook here: (it has lots of pictures!)

I also recorded a video course to learn the basic techniques of Modern Energy Art with lots of fascinating exercises to enrich and devolp the person who is the artist in new and delightful ways. I guarantee that you'll have never done a course like this before!

In the meantime, I am going to continue my own personal explorations and delightful discoveries in art, which have been the joy of my life, and create more Modern Energy Art!

With lots of love to you and I hope you enjoy the site,

Silvia Hartmann

September 2021



Silvia Hartmann - Artist Statement 2021


***** Energy Art *****

I create energy art which is based on the understanding that we have six senses, not just five. The 6th sense is emotion; we access this when we stand before any work of art and ask ourselves, "Where do I feel this in my body?" You can show another person with your hands where you feel it, and you can explain what it feels like.

Likewise, when I create a work of art, I use six senses to decide the shape, form and movement as well as colour. I rely on my 6th sense to give me unmistakable physical experiences to know whether something is "right," "wrong," or "spot on!" The latter produces an energy kick that feels like electricity rushing through the body.


***** Energy, Emotion & Movement *****

My work is based on movement, which I represent in flowing lines and curves. These are the pathways, "leylines" through which the energy of the work of art is flowing. I make these lines clearly visible in the Symbol Paintings and the Symbol Hybrid Paintings; in abstract energy art, you need to sense them as well.

The pathways create the movement, and all the pathways together create an energy matrix. The work of art is an energy object, a transmitter of energy that gets stronger over time.


***** Art Solutions *****

Making energy objects that transmit real energy into a room, and have a real impact on people's energy systems and their emotions, it seems entirely wrong to produce "Screams" - works of art that exude screams of pain, document misery or deliberately try to make people feel really bad so that at least, they "feel something" when they stand before it.

I don't want to re-state problems in my art. We all have problems, more than enough already. I want to reach for creative SOLUTIONS instead. This give my art a powerful positive intention and positive energy.

Simply put, I don't want people who have posters of my art on their walls to commit suicide, get even angrier, even more depressed. I want to inspire people to reach for the solutions instead.


***** Art Is Our Birthright *****

I deeply, deeply believe that art is our birthright as human beings. I know that engaging in the processes of art and creativity lights up people's souls, makes them happier, gives them access to a whole new world of possibility and potential.

I want people to come to my art and think, I can do this too. I want to break down the barriers that exist between true creative art and the people. To this end, I have created art projects such as The Cupcakes for paintings, and The Adventures of The Mens for sculpture.


***** MODERN Energy Art *****

It is my mission to invite, incite and ignite MODERN Energy Art as a movement towards a new future for all art modalities.

Directing people's attentions to their emotions, their true 6th Sense, unlocks so many different possibilities that simply didn't exist before.

It allows people to "read and write" art in a new way. Most of all, it allows us to leave the dark years of the screaming Freudian psychotherapy style "art" behind now, and move forward into art as the leader for creative solutions that can't be found in any other way.

Silvia Hartmann

October 2016



Silvia Hartmann - Artist's Resume

Born 23rd of August 1959 in Detmold, Germany.

School art put me off school art, deeply and profoundly, for life. Although I have always considered myself an artist, the school art traumas convinced me to never "study" art at all.

I just wanted to DO art, and art I did do. I created my own explorations in my own art and ignored what you are supposed to do, and how you're supposed to do it. For me, art was essential for survival, precious beyond price, deeply personal and more beloved than I have words to express.

I found myself being the most artistic/creative person on numerous occasions, so early on I designed logos, book covers, illustrations, diagrams, patterns for T-Shirts, bags, mugs and all manner of things for a variety of businesses and enterprises. This went on for some decades, but I also always did art as well.

My main work was in creativity all along, and I always used my art to help me through the days, to answer questions, to mark special breakthrough insights, often to trigger them. I live and breathe visioning and I have always created my own works of art in all sorts of modalities.

In 1993, I met some arty people and they suggested I should do an exhibition of my art. I took this under advisement and had my first exhibition at PlanAhead in Eastbourne, in 1996. The traditional art people absolutely hated it, which did not surprise me in the slightest. Nor did it worry or in any way discourage me. I've done art all my life, I know exactly what I'm doing and why, so it makes no difference to me.

I continued painting and evolving my art, and my own theories on what art is, how it works, what it's for and what you can do with it. But I didn't exhibit again for a long time.

Eleven years later, in 2010, I showed my then latest paintings, this time to a group of energists at the EMO conference. Now here were some people who were not art critics and they "got it" what I was doing. This was encouraging.

It got me thinking about art, and the huge disconnect between art, creativity and "real life."

In 2011, I had the "Primal Art" vision, and this led me to thinking that I should show my art, and encourage other people to re-visit the topic of art, magic and creativity, to truly re-think what they had been told, and to repair the damage that had been done by their various forms of "art education."

Art is for the people. It's a human birthright. It is a travesty that you don't get to do art unless you have been to University and learned all manner of crafty tricks so you can call yourself "an artist." Art is NOT craft, it has nothing to do with it. It's something else altogether, and I stand by that.

In 2014, I had decided that I wanted to sell some paintings. To bridge into that, I made some special art objects codenamed "The Cupcakes." These were the first paintings I've ever sold. And it so happened that in my home town of Eastbourne, East Sussex, a new studio gallery opened, and I was invited to be a part of the first group exhibition, Atmosphere.

I also started the Facebook group, Art 4 Energists, toward the end of 2014. The first group exhibition was Solstice 2014, entitled "We are HERE."

In 2015, I started an art project called The Adventures of the Mens, which was essentially an extension of The Cupcakes - creating "bite sized art" that makes people happy, rather than scare and intimidate them. This was and is a lot of fun on many different levels.

In 2016, I decided it was time to stand up as an artist as well as a modern art theorist. I acquired and set about sorting out my art history in order to lay the foundations for the next step of the energy art unfoldments.

In 2017, the Masters of Modern Energy Art program began, an exciting new journey of research to further our understanding of energy art, and what it can do for an individual. This was completed and is now available online as the official course in Modern Energy art.

In late 2019, Star Matrix entered into our lives, just in time to be there when the great (?) began. Creating art from Star Memories is a most wonderful addition to Modern Energy Art, and we are right now at the very beginning of that.

2022 saw the engagement with Star Maps, and the emergence of a unified system of map making across the artistic modalities.

So that's my story in art up to September 2022.

I celebrate the joy of art which is endless, infinite, and the greatest blessing.

All true art is messages from the soul.

Silvia Hartmann

Modern Energy Artist

Creator, Modern Energy & Modern Energy Art

Author, Infinite Creativity



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