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Energy Art - A Definition of Modern Energy Art




Energy Art Example: The Lighthouse by StarFields

Energy Art

A Definition of Energy Art

Silvia Hartmann


What is Energy Art?

Energy art is any form of art that takes the reality of there being other dimensions than just those we can see, hear, feel and touch, smell and taste into consideration.

The purpose of a work of energy art is to create something - a painting, a sculpture, a piece of music, a dance, a poem, a system, a new tool, a program, a theory etc. etc. etc.- which has not just a physical reality but also an energetic reality, and that actually does something at the energy levels.

It is entirely up to the artist WHAT the work of energy art does; they can choose to make something painful horrible, scary, hideous, destructive, or something beneficial, beautiful, healing or structural instead and any combination thereof in between.

What is important is that the work of art should have a noticeable energetic reality.

Without this energetic reality an object IS NOT A WORK OF ART.


Energetic Imprints VS Energy Art

Any object whatsoever can be imprinted with energy forms.

This makes an object an energy object but not necessarily a work of art.

The piece of art arises when the artist, AS THEY ARE MAKING THE OBJECT, aligns the energetic realities behind the object and ties them into the material representation.

An energy artist may, however, take a number of general objects and combine them, adding the intention for the COMPLETE SYSTEM that is the finished work of art in the process of combining the objects (or letters, notes, ideas, movements etc) and thus turning say a collection of soup posters into a work of energy art.


How To Tell Whether A Work Of Art Has An Energetic Existence

Extraordinarily, people have not just the ability to receive energy transmissions and feel them in through their bodies (physical sensations) but also to *read the content* of the energy transmission by using their energy mind which is absolutely designed for such purposes.

In the absence of damage to the energy system, ANY human being should have THE SAME response to a work of energy art, and read the information transmitted through the energy forms associated with the work of art correctly.

Please note that damage in the energy system, reversals, injuries, shields and blockages will DISTORT this universal transmission and reception system; for example, when you show a picture of two people making love to a rape victim, they might feel pain and discomfort as they view the picture. This however is a "damaged response" and not a "natural response".

This accounts for the violently different reactions of different people to the same work of art.

People who have no response to a real work of energy art are somewhere on the autistic scale and have most likely lost the feedback mechanism through the body that makes energy art a physical experience. In most cases, the ability to "feel energy in the body" can be successfully restored and is viewed as nothing more than another form of "damaged response".


How To Create Works Of Energy Art

All energy art is based on a vision, an original transmission from the energy mind in the first place.

The artist then translates the vision into the art modality of their choice.

They are guided throughout this process of turning an energetic data stream into a hard object or visible movements, words, buildings, science tools etc. by feedback from the energy system in the form of further visions through the energy mind, and kinaesthetic (physical, body) sensations that let them know quite incontrovertibly when they got it right, and the information or energy data from the original vision is matching the object or system the energy artist is designing.

ALL energy art MUST be based on a vision - a short "flash vision" which is generally called "an idea" or a full vision which is a full modality, lucid dream experience.

Even though visions are called visions, they can be kinaesthetic in nature, or auditory; gustatory as well as visual.

A vision generally contains all of those at the same time but with some artists, one or more of the tracks are not noticed consciously and they focus on what they have seen in the vision, or heard, or felt, or tasted exclusively.

ONLY when an original, personal vision is involved can the process of creating a work of energy art begin.

This makes each and every work of energy art UNIQUE BY DEFINITION, as the artist receives their vision, and makes it "hard" so it may be shared with others.


The Translation Process In Energy Art

A person who receives a vision - a full body, full modality data stream that is energetic in origin - can translate that vision into any modality and in doing so becomes an energy artist.

They may translate the vision into words, objects, sounds, systems, theories, programs, movements in any way that is at the energy artist's disposal, and the resulting object will be a unique piece of energy art.

This translation process may or may not involve technical skills in any modality; but it is important to note that it is NOT necessary to have ANY pre-trained skills in ANY modality to create actual works of energy art, as each object will have an energetic existence, and is entirely unique.

Energy artists will often naturally strive to improve their "craftsmanship" to do better justice to their vision; but this is very much a process AFTER the fact, and an evolution that is unique to the individual energy artist and their decision alone.


Energy Art Without Hierarchy

As such, energy art is available to ANY HUMAN BEING and not restricted to those who are said to have "talent" in one hard modality or the other; or to those who have undergone lengthy, expensive and highly exclusive training programs in craftsmanship.

ANY human being who receives a vision and translates it into a hard modality creates REAL works of energy art, and are energy artists by definition.

This means that there are no "good or bad" energy artists; no students and no masters, as the act of receiving a vision and translating it into a hard modality is the same right from the start; and that the very first piece of energy art an energy artist produces is as merititious as the 100s work of art they produce.

There is no hierarchy from "bad to good" over time; either between individual energy artists, or between the works of art one individual energy artist produces in their lifetime.


Honesty In Energy Art

Finally, energy art can only be as good as it is honest.

What is meant by that is that an energy artist must honestly follow the vision and represent it to the very best of their abilities in the chosen modality.

They must not let current fashions, "what other people think" or any other factor influence this honest translation process from the vision to the work of art; or in other words, keep their conscious mind out of it and stay honest and true to the original vision and the energetic data, the information, which was received there.

When a person represents their vision to the very best of their ability, whatever their levels of craft or circumstances might be at the time, the work of energy art becomes "incontrovertible" - which means that it cannot be criticised, or ranked in a hierarchy, or declared to be "good or bad".

Conversely, a work of energy art is ONLY incontrovertible when the energy artist did the very best they could at the time with what they had.

When that is the case, it simply can't get any better - and that is that.


Definition Of Energy Art:

  • Any thing which was inspired by a vision and made honestly is a work of energy art.


The Joy Of Energy Art

Energy art is for ALL human beings.

In the process of engaging with THEIR OWN VISION, a person is engaging in personal evolution of the highest order, and from the moment they start to translate a vision into a work of energy art.

There is no delay "to study for decades before you're ready to make real art".

Energy art ALWAYS produces incontrovertible pieces of art, from the start, which are step stones in the energy artist's evolution.

  • It is the author's assertion that the very existence of more pieces of energy art will ENRICH HUMANITY IN ALL WAYS as instead of one or two "special people" who get to put THEIR ideas forward and everything gets based on that for CENTURIES at a time, MANY viewpoints and original visions and ideas are coming into being and start to fertilise and inspire each other.

It may be discovered in the process of engaging with energy art, and the resulting NEW - yes, NEW! - systems, objects, theories, religions, tools, inventions, view points etc. etc. etc. that ALL HUMAN BEINGS actually share a language, and an operating system, and a way to live successfully in the world as a conscious being.

We might actually learn something from each other, directly, regardless of race, upbringing, and place of origin, and in doing so, enrich each other in a whole new way.

Now taking it back to the individual level, energy art is simply JOYOUS - delightful, offering so many opportunities for personal development, for enquiry, for commerce, for answering questions, for healing, for having fun, for activating ourselves to a whole new level.

Whether you are an "old artist" or someone who never even thought of themselves as a potential artist, I cannot encourage you highly enough to have a go, to try and have your own visions, and make simple representations in the hard, in whatever modality you choose to begin with.

The world will NEVER be the same again once you have had your own first experience of energy art.

Silvia Hartmann

February 2010


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