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What Is Modern Energy Art?

What Is Modern Energy Art?

What is Modern Energy Art? Modern Energy Art explained.



What Is Modern Energy Art?

Modern Energy Art comes from the Modern Energy paradigm.

We have not just five senses, we have six.

Expanding our information intake by 16.7% changes the way we think about everything, including art, and creates a whole new world.

This is a different world; it is a world where energy is real. 

In this world, people really have living energy bodies, and these living energy bodies communicate with us through the medium of emotions - physical sensations that have no physical origin.

These physical sensations of energy movements are transmitted through the 6th Sense.

We simply ask the question, "Where do you feel that in your body? Show me with your hands."

For art, this simple question makes all the difference.

Instead of "judging" a work of art on shapes, colours, intellectual standards or societal conformity, we use the 6th Sense to read the energy of the art object.

More importantly, it gives the Modern Energy Artist an additional level of choice, to decide what energy they want to give to the world.


All Art Creates Energy Objects

All material objects have an energy component. Art objects are energy broadcasters, that continue to send their energy even when the lights are turned off.

Modern Energy Art is about artistic responsibility for the objects that are being created, so that they serve the evolution of the artist, as well as make a significant contribution to the world.

This opens up whole new frontiers for personal healing, evolution, magic, reality creation and much besides.

Modern Energy Art reclaims the magic of art and makes it one and the same.


Modern Energy Art Solutions

Modern Energy Art does not consider itself to be merely a reporter of how bad it all is, yet again, but instead, what kind of energy the Modern Energy Artist wants to bring to the world.

So instead of making horrendous art that plays on the deep fear of death in the audience, the Modern Energy Artist would ask, "What is the SOLUTION to that all pervading fear of death?" and create a work of art with that as the intention.

This reversal movement from "art therapy" or "social comment" to bringing this artist's actual solution to the world is at the heart of Modern Energy Art.

Please Note: This does not mean that all Modern Energy Art is pretty, or not challenging to the audience. In the contrary. Art Solutions is often a deep challenge to old, entrenched thinking, being and doing. Sometimes, the art solution is a revolution ...

It is up to the Modern Energy Artist to decide what legacy they want to create for the world with their artistic endeavours.


Modern Energy Art Across The Modalities

The purpose of  Modern Energy Art is to create works of art that evolve humanity beyond the current states of stress and insanity. Modern Energy  Art happens at any time when an artist understands that their energy is the legacy.

This energy can be expressed in paintings, sculptures; in song and dance; in story telling, in film making, in photography; in design, in architecture, in writing, in installations, in any form of art known to humankind, so far.


The Gift Of Modern Energy Art

The Modern Energy Artist is the gift that only they would have to give.

As such, a Modern Energy Artist is not judged by how expensive other people think their work should be, nor by how many years they studied where or with whom.

For a work of art to be a work of Modern Energy Art, it takes just two conditions:

  • That the artist should be aware of energy; and
  • That the artist should seek powerful Art Solutions for their own development, and the evolution of the human species.


Silvia Hartmann

July 2017


The Modern Energy Art Manifesto

The Modern Energy Art Manifesto


1. Art Is Love

Without love, there can be no art. There has to be love - the love of art, the love of the Creative Order, love and power in the heart that guides the head that guides the eye, the hand, the voice ...


2. Art Is Evolution

Art must evolve the artist, above all else. Should it aid in the evolution of others, then we are doubly blessed. 


3. Art Is Precious

Every attempt at art for love and evolution is precious beyond prize, never been known before, unique, and beloved.

Silvia Hartmann
President, The Guild of Energists GoE
December 20th, 2014

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