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Symbol Paintings

Energy Art Symbol paintings appear as the result of Art Solutions - asking for specific movements which are THE SOLUTION to a problem. Energy Art Symbol paintings are the step beyond Art Therapy and as we can ask for anything, a perfect way for art to create reality by Art Spell.

Energy Art Symbol Painting in silver, red and grey

The first ever symbol painting - Mirrorball Messages 2003 by Silvia Hartmann

Voodoo Guardian - vibrant symbol energy art painting on black

Voodoo Guardian 2004 by Silvia Hartmann

A Storm of Angels 2004 - Silvia Hartmann

Painting Magic In The Material Universe by Silvia Hartmann 2005

Magic In The Material Universe, Silvia Hartmann 2005

Tree of Life 2009, Silvia Hartmann

Coping With People 2010 by Silvia Hartmann

The Traveller 2012 by Silvia Hartmann

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