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Exhibition EMO 2014

EMO 2014 Silvia Hartmann

Energy Art Exhibition

Journey Through Energy Art documentary video

Silvia Hartmann explaining modern energy art with the symbol painting Tree of Life

Silvia Hartmann explaining the process of Tree of Life energy art solutions symbol painting at the EMO Energy Art Exhibition 2014


Tocs Coker with Silvia Hartmann paintings Goddess & I come in Love

Toks Coker with "Goddess" and "I Come In Love" Symbol Hybrid Paintings


Silvia Hartmann and

Silvia Hartmann and "Love Falls Where It Will" - the painting that sparked Love Storm 2014


Silvia Hartmann with

Silvia Hartmann with "Love Is Light" and Sandra Hillawi

First Cupcake Ever Sold -

First Cupcake Ever Sold - "Lucky AND Loved!" to Margreet Vink from the Netherlands

Silvia Hartmann, Agnes from Singapore &

Silvia Hartmann, Agnes from Singapore & "Easy And Fun!" in front of "Tree of Life"


Silvia Hartmann posing with An End To The Starving Artist :-)

An End To The Starving Artist :-)


Quote by Wendy Birse This morning I found myself making a mental inventory of the 'treasures' I possess, whose value I should flag up to my children/heirs(!). One item on this list is an original Silvia Hartmann cupcake.


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