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Love Storm 2014

Love Storm 2014

July 2013, I started a symbol painting called "Love Tree" which is based on an actually existing tree of that name at a friend's house in the US. It didn't get finished before I went on the epic road trip in the Challenger and indeed, there was so much to do that it wasn't until December 2013 I finally had a space to bring it forth.

Yes, and that was the beginning of "The Love Storm ..."

Love Storm 2014

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July 2013, I started a symbol painting called "Love Tree" which is based on an actually existing tree of that name at a friend's house in the US. It didn't get finished before I went on the epic road trip in the Challenger and indeed, there was so much to do that it wasn't until December 2013 I finally had a space to bring it forth. Yes, and that was the beginning of "The Love Storm ..."

Love Tree

Love Tree symbol hybrid by Silvia Hartmann July-December 2013

Love Tree Symbol Hybrid, Acrylics on Canvas, 30x40, SFX 2013 -> 2014

An End To The Starving Artist

And so it came to pass that after some serious New Year's resolutions about giving art the proper place in my life it deserves, I bought the contents of an art shop ...

January 9th, 2014: I'm nearly speechless ... doesn't happen very often ... I said 2014 will be Art Year and today I was somewhere, and something happened, and I bought the entire contents of an art shop with a handshake and ten 20 pound bills. This is just a small sample of what we trucked home. Wow. I asked specifically for unexpected surprises - that's one hell of a surprise!


art shop purchase

Small selection of art shop purchase, many more boxes and crates left, right and behind ...

This was a really interesting, fun thing to have happened but I think the most important message was for me personally that I had been very much "a starving artist" - being miserly with paint, being overly precious with canvases, always scared to run out of stuff, feeling bad about buying art materials or spending money on art materials, the whole nine yards. I became aware that I had dozens and dozens of tiny pots of paints with one dribble still clinging to the bottom ...

empty artists paints

I decided to create a breakthrough painting to use up all of the old paints, for a new start!

And here it is - a celebration, The End Of The Starving Artist :-)

An end to the starving artist, abstract painting by Silvia Hartmann SFX 2014

An End To The Starving Artist, Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas, 30x40, SFX 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed doing that painting, really going to town and having fun with the colours and movements. Found some glitter paint too, it felt lovely and freeing doing that and the resulting painting lights up the place. It's wonderful when art becomes fun ...

When I was looking for a canvas, I found another symbol painting an aspect had started. I can't even remember what this was all about, but I called it "A Call For Transformation" and finished it at the same time as AETTSA above - that too felt like major progress, a relief and a release.

A Call For Transformation

Transformation Classic Symbol Painting by SFX Silvia Hartmann

A Call For Transformation, Acrylics on Canvas, 24 x 30, SFX January 2014

Love Falls Where It Will

January 11th: With the training on Sunday and the house being flooded by art materials, I was really supposed to clean up and tidy up and sort out, but at one am I cracked and made this painting. If you want to call it that ... Just love the certainty of the process, and the excitement in it, fear sometimes, and this morning I couldn't wait to jump out of bed to see it. Welcome to the world, my friend ... :-)

Love Falls Where It Will - Abstrace painting by SFX Silvia Hartmann 2014

Love Falls Where It Will, Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas, 18x20, SFX 2014


Painting Love Falls Where It Will indoors

painting love falls where it will detail

Freely putting the paint on the canvas and just loving the greens was a whole new experience; then I had a near mystical experience with wanting to put gold dust all over it (it was lying flat) and "letting it fall where it will ..." - that gave me the title of the painting, "the voice" spoke it as I was doing that. Wow. Art is magic, it really is. That was probably my first ever art spell ...

Love falls where it will - Facebook Plaque from Detail

And this unleashed what I now think of as the art "Love Storm" ... :-)

As each painting was happening, the next one presented itself and insisted on being done. And they were all on the topic of "Love ..."


Love Will Find A Way

Love  Will Find A Way Abstract painting by SFX Silvia Hartmann

Love Will Find A Way - Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas, 16 x 20, SFX January 2014

Love Will Find A Way Painting backlit (sun behind)

That's the same painting, held up against the sun, backlit :-)

Love will find a way FB


The FYAS Board

What I do is completely interlinked; I am always forced to try and pick apart this to go under "work" and that to go under "art" or split up a poem from the painting which created it, from the story, from the song, from the breakthrough "psychology pattern" ... but the fact is that it's one journey and you can't explain any of it without the context of all of it.

I started a FaceBook group called "Guild of Energists: Art & Magic" on Winter Solstice 2013 to try and bring things together a little more, at least make a start in that direction to a more organic organisation :-) of what us energists do, a more inclusive place where it's OK to be both a professional energist and expert in human emotions, and an artist.

The aspect at the time wrote:

For You, A Star - I decided to make a 3 foot x 4 foot board with Positives on it to take to the training on Sunday. John Staples had one in Baltimore and I really liked being able to refer to it. But when it came to it, and much as I love the EFT Positives Board, I decided to do the FYAS essences instead. Now that is something that can double up as artwork in my house when I'm not at a training.

For You A Star Board by Silvia Hartmann

For You A Star Board, Printed on plastic sheeting, 3 ft x 4 ft -> For You A Star

I have the board in my office on the easel still; it's a wonderful inspiration. It was a statement too at this particular training, the first ever "Positive Energy" day at Sedgewick Hall, January 12th, 2014. The "training" had a double aim. The first was to showcase and pre-teach a real energist's day, consisting not just of EFT but also introducing EMO (Energy in Motion) and Project Sanctuary, as well as Art Solutions, to a mixed group from newbie to trainer's trainer.

The second purpose was to use this Positive Energy day to kick start 2014 with a bang. The entire event was designed to help participants gain a real threshold shift on the road towards their personal goals for the year, by using both the techniques and all the exercises but also by engaging the power of the group to help lift individuals far further than they can by their lonesomes in "self help."

As I'm an energist, and modelling for the other energist's trainers, I am not above and outside of the group entity, but a part of it. I get to take advantage of the group entity and its power too, and get to use the energy from the participants to life me.

My goal was to get a threshold shift as an artist.

By taking not the "regular" Positives board which just has words on it, but instead, the For You A Star symbol paintings board, I brought my intention into the room and had it there as a reminder.

We all have many personal development goals and desires, and I'm not sure I would have been able to stick to my guns and make that declaration that ART IS IMPORTANT TO ME in public, and ask for the group's and each individual's support to help give me a significant evolution if I had not brought the board along.

It was there, at my back, having my back as it were and I made the declaration

.Positive Energy Training Group Jan 12 14

I am an artist - but I don't yet know what that means ...

Very, very exciting indeed!

When I got home, the Love Storm kicked up a gear ... :-)

Love Rising

Love Rising - Mixed Media/Acrylics 8x10, SFX 2014

Love Rising - Mixed Media/Acrylics 8x10, SFX 2014

Only Love Will Remain

Only Love Will Remain

Only Love Will Remain, Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas, 16x20, SFX 2014


Precious Love

Precious Love

Precious Love,, Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas, 16x20, SFX 2014


Love's Treasures

Love's Treasures painting by SFX

Love's Treasures, Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas, 16x20, SFX 2014


Love is Light

Love is Light painting by SFX

Love Is Light, Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas, 16x20, SFX 2014

Logic of Love

Logic of Love painting

Love Well

Love Well

Love Well - Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas, 8x10, Silvia Hartmann 2014


Precious Futures

Precious Futures by Silvia Hartmann


Precious Futures, 5"x7", Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas by Silvia Hartmann 2014



Soul Unfoldment

Soul Unfoldment

Soul Unfoldment, Mixed Media/Acrylics on Canvas, 16x20, SFX 2014

This painting is a classic case in point on how hugely interlinked my "art" is with my "work." I was in negotiation with Dr Reto Wyss from Switzerland to give a three day Project Sanctuary Master Practitioner training. Project Sanctuary is a hugely advanced set of patterns, and of great interest to people who do the highest level type of language/metaphor/creativity research in the world. And yet I decided to finally come out of the closet on this occasion and tell it straight out - Project Sanctuary is for the soul. That's what it is all about, the psychic circuitry with the soul at the centre - das Zauberherz, "the heart of magic."

The soul has always represented a major challenge for me because I can prove just about everything else - but not the existence of the soul. I have satisfied myself for myself that there is such a thing, that it is real, that it has the capacity to survive physical death, and that it is of the essence we should learn more about our respective souls in this lifetime. It's not supposed to be an afterthought. And it isn't about the after-LIFE either. It's about this life. How magical THIS LIFE can become.

Art, magic, soul. It's all very much connected and it's the art and the energy experiences and evolutions I was having here which allowed me to stand up and say to the Swiss psychologists and neurolinguists that "Project Sanctuary is what you need if you want to learn about the soul."


A Little Inspiration


I was running out of canvases and then found this teensy one which had been a fun gift from my son Stephen some time ago. A symbol painting turned up, it was really sweet doing that, and it attracts attention and smiles, sitting on its little easel on my household altar.

It made me reflect on the fact that size in magic doesn't matter. Size in art shouldn't matter either, if it's magic we're talking about. It's true that a large canvas takes longer to paint, and you need more paint to cover it. Bigger brushes and a bigger easel. All these things cost money. And so a bigger painting has to cost more than a smaller one, that makes sense, right?

Well ...

I don't know about that.

I could make quite some benefits list on smaller paintings. They don't take up as much room. You can have hundred on your wall. You can pick them up and hold them in your hand, hold them to your heart even ...

Aaah now there's a thought ... :-)


Hearts of Gold

If size was no object, I could do a little Heart Evolution ...

Based on "The Heart of Gold" ... a very important thing in my work indeed.

Heart Connection

Heart Activation

Heart Fire

From left to right, we have Heart Connection, Heart Activation and Heart Fire.

They were clearly still symbol paintings, three small 4x4 symbol hybrids, but probably because they are small and I was holding in my hand, I started to think of them far more in terms of making a magic charm.

And I began to muse on "Art & Magic" on a whole new level.

I was clearly involved in a process that I would normally have classified as "just doing some art." Painting, like a normal painter would. Or an artist in their Paris loft, that type of thing.

Perhaps my idea of "painting" had been too narrow, even though I had been aware for many years that of course any decent painting is a massive energy generator you are putting into your home - for good as well as bad, as the case may be.

I think I was still stuck in the painting in a frame, hanging on the wall ...

So, if we were to stop thinking of "a painting" as something we just hang on the wall and forget about it, and instead started thinking much more in terms of a magic object, or a charm, or an energy artefact if you will, then what might I want to be making?

A good luck charm ... so I made some "Hearts of Gold" in lucky greens and golds and let the love fall where it will :-)

These are, left to right and starting at the top, "Lucky & Loved!" - "Rich In Love!" and "Lucky In Love - Young At Heart!"

Apart from the very serious musings on art and magic, and the fascinating energy experiences I was having throughout, this was amazing FUN. I think these were the first time that I really stopped looking over my shoulder at "the critics" and just went for it, went for making something that truly delighted me and woke up the magical child within, big time.

Yes and so there was ...

Heart Of A Child


Heart Of A Child

Heart Of A Child, Very Mixed Up Media on a small canvas 8x10, SFX 2014

Why are there three? I have no idea. I just do what I need to do at the time.

And what wanted to be done next was this.

And at the time, I could feel something gathering and wondering where it was going.

The answer came about a week before Valentine's Day, February 14, 2014.

When I had been making the little "Hearts of Gold," I really had become aware that I was making objects designed to "bring more love into the world."

That sounds very grandiose for some little child like things with gold glitter on them, but in energy magic, it is the intention that not only counts but which does the business. By holding this intention of this object literally becoming a portal for good things, for love and happiness, for soul energy (I sometimes call the soul "The Angel Child"), I was doing a form of magic that wasn't problem solving, as nearly all magic tends to be, but instead, just a saying YES to positive energy. The healing power of love. The power of "more energy" to overcome all these ancient problems that melt like fog in the morning sunshine if you just add a bit more energy.

There is only energy, and the absence of energy. That's it. Making blessings in material form is a very different process than to just pour your troubles onto a canvas. I guess that's where art and magic begin to intertwine, become strong and stable, and make sense.

But the idea to "bring more love into the world" caused me to suggest to the energist's art group to go and make an object with the set up that it should bring more love into the world.

I guess my own energy mind was listening, because I had no sooner hit send on the "Valentine's Day Challenge" that it delivered me ...


Art Spell

An art spell to bring more love into the world ...

When you create a piece of original art, be this a drawing, a painting, a computer generated image, a song, a sculpture, a mini-sculpture such as a charm or pendant, a dance, a photograph, a poem, a story, a web page or a toy, you are bringing something into the world that has never been before.

It is pure magic.

It doesn't have to be clever, or complicated, or display any form of "master craftsmanship" at all - it just has to come from the heart, be created by your hands and with intention.

This piece of original art will be unique in all times spent, in all the worlds, in all the dimensions.

You are its creator, and you imbue it with your intention.

That is an art spell and possibly the most powerful form of magic human beings are capable of.

Do not let yourself become confused with the symbols of the ages; they are old and their time has been and gone.

You are here and now; you are the power.

Make an intention.

Take your time.

Breathe deeply and take a moment to think about love, to remember what it feels like to love and to be loved.

Allow yourself to be moved - this is the movement of living energy, of life itself in your body, in your heart and in your soul.

Say out aloud, "Give me something that I can create today to bring more love into the world."

Then let it come to you, let the idea, the vision, reveal itself.

Accept what you are being given.

Don't fight it, don't reject it, and most of all, don't criticise it for being the wrong idea, too simple, too childish ...

Take your vision and shape it in reality, make it into an object that will exist now.

Bring it into being.

Discover your power and your joy in the process.

And be very proud of yourself.

You have changed the world.

Silvia Hartmann

February 4th, 2014

I love it when something like that comes to me. It's a powerful experience to have the words flow through you and materialise on the page.

The "Art Spell" is an interesting one to read out aloud, to evoke. It's energy magic in written form and I was delighted with it.

I thought that would be it, my answer to the challenge.

But it was not.

I could not sleep that night at all because this wanted to be made.

Art Spell painting by SFX

Art Spell - Mixed Media on Canvas, 24x30, SFX February 4th, 2014

Two symbols - my personal symbol for magic, and the global symbol for magic and the soul, the spiral.

Wow that was ... transformational. Just an amazing experience. There is nothing like it at all, to really get into it and to feel yourself changing as you're doing it. It's such a relief, then a gathering sense of delight and joy and at the end of it, you're completely knackered and so blissfully happy, there are no words for it.

I do think we all want to change, to evolve. And there are so many different paths, every one has their own path. But if you find something that works for you, that changes you in the doing of it, then count yourself lucky and triply blessed. I do and I really do.

For me, art *is* magic. In every way. Precious, important, beyond important.

And, finally ...

Love EFT

On the morning of the day when I finished this symbol, Alex Kent called and asked if I would write a report on using Positive EFT for love problems as a free download for Valentine's Day.

Positive EFT is working with energy forms a person likes, wants, needs and craves rather than making them revisit their worst traumas and "work their way through it" (again, and yet again ...).

There is a huge amount of resistance to using positives in the EFT community because there are a lot of psychologists and counsellors in it, and they have been brainwashed to believe that the only way to find healing is to go back to the trauma of the past. Someone said only yesterday that their patients weren't "ready for positives."

That's a nightmare for an energist. The reason people are in such a mess is because they are stuck in negative (low!) energy states, and they need more energy to help them heal and become stronger. Everybody needs more love, in other words. Everybody needs to feel happier and lighter more often, and in fact, the right positive is the CURE for old energy system problems. That's an energist's worldview, not a psychologist's, and it causes endless problems as the psychologists refuse to accept that working with positive energy has nothing to do with "sweeping problems under the carpet" (the energy system is NOT a carpet!) or having to "pull out the rotten tooth before healing can take place," and all the other totally inappropriate metaphors that abound.

Well, so when Alex asked for the book on using positives for love problems, or, in other words, to use LOVE to heal love problems (duh!), I said yes.

There were only 9 days to go to Valentine's Day, 8 really as he wanted the download for 9am on February 14th.

Can you write a book in 8 days?

You can if you are an energist, you know what you're talking about, and you keep your energy levels up.

Which isn't difficult, because just talking or writing about positive energy forms, love, compassion, patience, sensuality, bliss, joy, happiness is completely uplifting in and of itself.

I gave a series of eight 30 minute lectures on the topic, send them off to be transcribed, and started writing the A-Z of solving love problems with positive energy. The last three days I spent going through the transcript, editing it, putting the whole thing together and delivered the book with six hours to spare.

I designed the cover for it, the structure had to be the same as its parent, Positive EFT. Alex wanted a pink heart as he said that the users will be overwhelmingly female, but I held my ground.

Heart of Gold - of course. And hoping that the gentlemen will find it of interest as well.

Love is only that other name for what it really is - ENERGY.

Love EFT Heart of Gold Cover

Love EFT Heart of Gold Cover Design, SFX February 2014

So there we have it.

Love Storm 2014.

Love storm paintings drying


Is it finished yet?

I don't think so.

Writing that book on the principles of using love by any other name to overcome problems in love is just a beginning.

Since 1993 I have known how "this energy stuff works" consciously. That's when I wrote the original Harmony program.

I love the idea of bringing more love into the world, and I love working with positive energy forms.

Like so many people in modern personal development, of course I have my own strange history and certainly my own challenges.

But it's a fact that when you get your energy levels straight (up a bit), you can do amazing things.

You can feel amazing. Even if you had the worst history on the planet.

The reason for that is that your history is history.

Stepping into the here-and-now in order to create a better future is the right way forward.

I call it "Future Orientation."

I'm going to make more "art" - magic objects designed to bring more love into the world. Energy objects.

I'm going to love doing it, and it is going to evolve me.

It's the best journey.

Thank you so much for giving me your time, looking at my pictures and reading my words.

With my very best blessings this day, wherever you are across time and space,

Silvia x

SFX February 17th, 2014

PS I think I need to do a painting called "Love Storm" ... :-)


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