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The Modern Energy Art Manifesto

The Modern Energy Art Manifesto

The MODERN Energy Art Manifesto by Silvia Hartmann, President of the Guild of Energists GOE

The Modern Energy Art Manifesto


1. Art Is Love

Without love, there can be no art. There has to be love - the love of art, the love of the Creative Order, love and power in the heart that guides the head that guides the eye, the hand, the voice ...


2. Art Is Evolution

Art must evolve the artist, above all else. Should it aid in the evolution of others, then we are doubly blessed. 


3. Art Is Precious

Every attempt at art for love and evolution is precious beyond prize, never been known before, unique, and beloved.

Silvia Hartmann
President, The Guild of Energists GoE
December 20th, 2014

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