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"My Life In Art" Story Board Exercise

"My Life In Art" Story Board Exercise

Telling a story in pictures and in words to make the energy align and both tell the same story, broadcast the same energy, is a wonderful thing. Here is an example story board exercise, "My Life In Art." 

The storyboard exercise is neat. 

You get to practise drawing little cartoons to tell a story. You can use stick figures. I used a vector drawing program and drew these pics on a touchpad. 

When I was wondering which story to tell in the demonstration, it turned out to be "my life in art." 

I enjoyed this and I hope you will have lots of fun with your own storyboards. 

Remember - it doesn't matter if your drawing is "good." Just make sure the energy is right. 

A stick figure with a smiley face can show all the energy, all the emotions, and that's what makes for a good storyboard - the energy information, the story. 



The complete my life in art storyboard in a single image


A story board becomes a little movie ... 



And here are the individual pages: 



Once upon a time in a kingdom far away there lived an aspect



The aspect loved to draw and paint



The aspect had to go to school



Bad things happened in art class



Run away from art school school art!!!



Fun with art from that moment forth



They did lots of drawings



They made lots of logos and symbols



They made lots of diagrams



They made lots of book covers



They made lots of sculptures and artefacts



They made lots of paintings



They invented EMO Symbol Paintings



They invented Modern Energy Art



Art is love



Silvia 2018

 The child who loved to draw and paint is still inside.





The Storyboard Energy Art Exercise example: My Life In Art (c) Silvia Hartmann 2018. 

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