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1st 11 Paintings by Silvia Hartmann

1st 11 Paintings by Silvia Hartmann

Symbol painting and 11 framed oil paintings by Silvia Hartmann

111 - The First Eleven

by Silvia Hartmann

11 Mysterious Flying Eggs - Symbol Painting by StarFields, April 2004

11 Mysterious Flying Eggs by StarFields 2004

 Acrylics/Mixed Media On Linen, 30" H x 26" W


The 1st 11 Set

August 2006

Oil on card, framed in polished aluminium

No.1 - Dark Ocean


No.2 - The Trees Are Coming


No.3 - Solar Sailors


No.4 - Return of the Fish Skeletons


No.5 - City Garden


No.6 - Midnight Window


No.7 - Festival Explosion


No.8 - City Slaves


No.9 - A Sea Shell Mind


No.10 - Living Outside The Box


No.11 - Life Storm


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