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1st Art

1st Art

Art is a very personal journey. And every so often, there are these priceless experiences that one really can't put into words. I guess that's the difference between painting and sculpting and writing about after the fact ...

At any rate, whilst working on the "Damien Hirst" symbol painting, I had a moment of revelation ...

Art Solutions lets you take conscious charge of what you want to do in order to evolve your creativity. I have all manner of reversals relating to painting, this is something I've struggled with for five decades now and it never occurred to me to do a painting about my painting reversals :-)

Fish, swimming about in water ...

I wrote the whole story of this up for the VIP forum but in brief, I had a moment of revelation halfway into the Damian Hirst painting - and I realised that I never "realised the original primal art vision."

I never did that original "drawing the line into the river mud" movement from the monkey man vision.

I can't explain why I didn't other than to say, well that's reversals for you, isn't it. That should have been done but something blocked it at the time, so it wasn't. And remained undone until May 2nd, 2012.


First Art Painting by StarFields - the two lines in the mud

First Art by Silvia Hartmann 2012


And so that night, something gave way and it was the most obvious thing in the world to pour a lot of gold, silver and copper acrylic paint onto a canvas, flatten it with my hands and draw the two lines into it, that moment when art entered the Universe for the very first time, First Art.

It was a totally amazing experience, to connect that practical thing I was doing in the hard to the original vision and I really felt like a circuit had been closed and the lights were finally coming on ...

And so I was standing there, with my hand covered in paint, and that brought me to the next step.

Putting your handprint onto something, the wall of your cave, the chest of a loved one ...

It doesn't get much more primal than that ...

I found a little canvas and put my handprint on it; but there was so much paint left, I did another one.

Finally, I spotted a T-Shirt and put the remainder of the paint on that.

Hand print on a TShirt - Hands of Power by SFX


Later on, I put some varnishes on the two handprint canvases (I want to do this again and this time, have some pre-painted canvases ready!)

The first one was the idea of the hand print on the cave wall:


hand print on the cave wall


I just completely love that. What an object! It's my 21st Century homage to the monkeymen and my connection from here and now to that primal art that lives inside all of us and that is so unbearably richer, more exciting, raw, amazing than any fine landscape or still life could ever be - unless it too has that spark within it ...

The second I decided to do with pure opalescent acrylic - this puts my hand print into a timeless space in a different way ...


Hand print in the infinite dimensions - hands of power on opalescent background


When I did this one I thought of "hands of power" - so much more than just "healing hands" but that of course, as well ...


If you could shift

your point of view

for just a moment, as you

now grow still

and silent within,

without a thought or care,

without a thought of worry or desire,

then you might just begin to feel:


A power tingling in your fingertips ...

Oceans Of Energy


To human beings, hands are the ultimate symbol of reality creation.

Our life is in our hands.


Silvia Hartmann

May 3rd 2012


A poem about hands

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