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3 Levels Star Matrix Drawing

3 Levels Star Matrix Drawing

Sketching things instead of writing or talking about them gives me a way to think about things in a different way. This is the story of the 3 Level drawing that started with a dream in 1984 and ended up with "Star Matrix explained in 3 images." 

In 1984, I had a dream. I stood in a dark and disturbing environment, where I found a dark house. I went inside; it was the same darkness inside the house, and I found a starving naked man, sitting on the floor by an empty hearth, with his head on his knees. 

In the dream, I looked down through the floor, and saw a radiant cellar, filled to the brim with food and provisions of all kinds, healthy fruit and so much more. I was astonished; looked up through the ceiling and saw an attic, stuffed with the treasures and riches of the ages. I woke up and told this story to my 3 year old son, and drew a sketch as I told him. 

Now that sketch is obviously no longer with us; but upon remembering this during a Star Matrix exercise, I drew the same sketch afresh: 

Original 3 levels drawing in black pen on a scrap of paper

Original 3 Levels quick sketch

I decided to take a photo and colour it in digitally. This is happening in 2021, 27 YEARS after the dream and the first drawing. 


3 Levels drawing + colour

Adding the colours revealed a detail from the dream - namely, that "the darkness" had been outside the house, as well as inside the house. I also became quite fascinated by that big space on the left hand side of the figure and I evolved the picture by adding a STAR. 

As soon as that had happened, there had to be a third image, a further evolution:

That was so interesting! As I put them all three side by side, I realised that my "Three Levels of Reality" were here in this picture; that The Hard was "The Darkness" and that when this is removed, there is a smooth graduation to reality absolute once more. This is where these illustrations got their name, "The 3 Levels" illustration. 

But then, as I shared these pics and commented, I got the flash of insight that actually, this is Star Matrix itself in 3 pictures! 

This is the story of the man who didn't know he had the million dollars in his bank account, and froze to death under a motorway bridge as a homeless person! The guy who is hungry and cold, starving, lonely, miserable was in my dream in 1984, the principle was explained right there. Only took me a generation plus 2 years to decode it! 

I also thought that the three figures who are connecting with the Star could be three different people, an old one, a squirt and an adult; they could be three generations of people; they could also be ONE single person and three aspects across time coming together in that Star Memory. Wow. 

As I said in the opening, sketching this and colouring it in brought new conscious insights into play. I understand the dream better, and I understant the 3 Levels Model of reality absolute better. I might even start understanding Star Matrix better. 

Finally, and I think this is extremely relevant, the 8 pointed star stands for the soul. 

The Star Matrix *is* the soul. The message of the dream, and the illustrations, is that we need to re-connect with our souls, because if we don't, we become these sad, naked, endlessly starving people who can't connect with each other, with their own aspects, and the incredible treasures and riches which have been there all along, obscured by the fog of darkness that is The Hard. 


There is more and further information in this dream; we might say if a picture says more than a thousand words, a dream says more than a thousand pictures ... 


Silvia Hartmann

May 2021


PS: I wanted to spend some more time with these drawings and made the vector versions, which again is a different take on expressing the ideas. Here there are. 



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