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A Star Is Born - The Star Matrix SuperStar!

A Star Is Born - The Star Matrix SuperStar!

Star Matrix, StarFields, I love the STARS ... Time for a STAR to be born ... Smile ... and not just any STAR, but indeed, a SUPERSTAR! :-)

Whilst deciding to put some STARS on my new sweatshirt, I figured out how to draw an 8 pointed star :-)



This led to thinking about making a STAR Symbol Hybrid.


A pot lid turned out to be the perfect size to get started :-)


All straight lines, how groovy :-)


The insanely fiddly bit ...


Yay! One completed holographic star :-)

A Star Is Born! Completed symbol hybrid on canvas, Silvia Hartmann, March 2021



There was a massive tie in with the GoE "Visibility The Modern Energy Way" course. Had I completed the actual painting one day sooner, it would have been featured here.

Visibility Course for GoE Members FREE here:


Super Star with Silvia

Happy with my new STAR.



Star Vector Version.


Star Matrix Star to wear

Made myself a wearable version of the "Star Matrix Star" - which is what it is.



Someone requested a Star Matrix themed screen saver (for Windows) which you can download here:


8 Pointed Stars to print out

 8 Pointed Stars to print out (click on image above to get the big pic)

The Mystery of the 8 Pointed Star featured on Sunday Live March 14th 2021 here:

8 Pointed Star on youtube


To boldly go ... Star Matrix Advertisement No. 1

Featured in the first official Star Matrix Advertisement 12/3/21:

To boldy go where no one has gone before ...
Star Matrix is the way.


Update for August 2022:

Project SuperStar

Project SuperStar - and of course, this is our 8 pointed star which was first observed a year ago!

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