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A Star Is Born - The Star Matrix SuperStar!

A Star Is Born - The Star Matrix SuperStar!

Star Matrix, StarFields, I love the STARS ... Time for a STAR to be born ... Smile ... and not just any STAR, but indeed, a SUPERSTAR! :-)

Whilst deciding to put some STARS on my new sweatshirt, I figured out how to draw an 8 pointed star :-)



This led to thinking about making a STAR Symbol Hybrid.


A pot lid turned out to be the perfect size to get started :-)


All straight lines, how groovy :-)


The insanely fiddly bit ...


Yay! One completed holographic star :-)

A Star Is Born! Completed symbol hybrid on canvas, Silvia Hartmann, March 2021



There was a massive tie in with the GoE "Visibility The Modern Energy Way" course. Had I completed the actual painting one day sooner, it would have been featured here.

Visibility Course for GoE Members FREE here:


Super Star with Silvia

Happy with my new STAR.



Star Vector Version.


Star Matrix Star to wear

Made myself a wearable version of the "Star Matrix Star" - which is what it is.



Someone requested a Star Matrix themed screen saver (for Windows) which you can download here:


8 Pointed Stars to print out

 8 Pointed Stars to print out (click on image above to get the big pic)

The Mystery of the 8 Pointed Star featured on Sunday Live March 14th 2021 here:

8 Pointed Star on youtube


To boldly go ... Star Matrix Advertisement No. 1

Featured in the first official Star Matrix Advertisement 12/3/21:

To boldy go where no one has gone before ...
Star Matrix is the way.


Update for August 2022:

Project SuperStar

Project SuperStar - and of course, this is our 8 pointed star which was first observed a year ago!

June 20, 2024

Star Matrix is a Star of Hope for humanity.

Yes, it is.

A Star of Hope that will never die for as long as human beings live and collect their Stars, as they do.

The Star of Hope is indestructible, invincible, unbreakable by misfortune, failure, defeat, chaos, loss, destruction. death.

It is entirely perfect and can never be anything else. It is pure inspiration and in that lies its certainty.

There will always be hope.

And as long as there is hope, we can keep on going.

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