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A magic mix of amber, copal, resin and a little magic - AMBRYTE and the Magic Bowl of Blessings.


Amber is one of my favourite substances, and possibly one of the most mysterious substances is the world.

It all started when I decided to create a crystal alchemy mix which included Baltic Amber (millions of years old!), Copal Amber (aka young amber) and some other mystery ingredients for a new Bowl of Blessings.


Ambryte bowl close up



I fell in love with the material and decided to make the blessings from the same.


Ambryte bowl held up against the light



Ambryte bowl held up against studio light




Ambryte bowl filled with Positives written on Ambryte tiles

There are lots of blessings in this bowl, including a full Energy Symbol set and many blanks or wildcards, as we call them in the trade.



 The complete bowl with the blessings inside is an energy object in its own right


The entire thing together is a fountain of energy. But even though I had made such a lot of these things, I wanted more. It was that amber based mix I was loving. I decided to call it Ambryte.


First trial pendant made from Ambryte

Here is a first Ambryte energy artefact - an Ambryte pendant. Still working out the details, but I'm looking forward to making more.

Ambryte is extremely soothing and calming, steadying, making that connection with life on Earth through the sheer age of the Baltic amber, then the step of the young amber taking it closer towards us, and reconnecting to the 21st century with the resin matrix.

In between all of that, there are hopes and dreams, feeling good, wanting to live life to the full, being protected from stupidity and stress induced madness, and so much more besides.

I'm looking forward to finding out where this will lead!


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