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Angel City

Angel City

There's some thing going on with angels at the moment, don't know what it is ...

Still, angels are a good thing so let's not dwell and instead, take a trip to angel city.

Angel city digital art by SFX

Angel City by Silvia Hartmann June 2011


Take a trip to angel city
it isn't far but it is fair
it's high, much higher
than most ever think to go

Yet wings unfolded,
once you're on your way,
the glow and singing
guides you there
and the finer, higher light
won't cause you sunburn
if you have it in you
to expect an entry here
to hold firm against
the storm of bright,
leave the doubts behind,
say and sing I have arrived,
this is my home
as much as it is yours.

The busy angels,
doing angel things
are not disturbed
and you can watch and wonder,
listen, learn and feel
be bright eyed,
be the child
you are.

Silvia Hartmann June 2011


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