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Art Essay Project WonderWorlds by Silvia Hartmann

Art Essay Project WonderWorlds by Silvia Hartmann Art Art Essay Project WonderWorlds by Silvia Hartmann

Project WonderWorlds

One of the side effects of playing a lot of Project Sanctuary is that environments, landscapes and occurrences become habitats automatically.

Titanium Crystals

I see something, and I zoom into it, I can walk there, it becomes a landscape where I can touch what is there, interact with it, find out new things, have a good time and possibly meet interesting new beings and find artefacts, as well.

Lightwater Madonna

I also happen to have aspects who are an artist and I like to see beautiful images, things that are somewhere between a painting and a photograph, rich with colour, light and energy because they make me feel good and light up my neurology.

Gorgeous Crystal

So all of this came together one fine Christmas day as I received as a surprise gift a macro camera - and was immediately and TOTALLY FASCINATED by what I saw and what you can do with some seemingly innocuous objects, and some lights.

Bubble Planets

I don't see the wonderworlds images as a form of documentation alone; although in a way the pictures document the beauty of these objects, perhaps as an example of so much other beauty that exists all around us.

Underwater Glass

I am not just documenting; I am looking for the best image, the most stunning work of ART at the same time.

Glassoid shapeshifter

Thereby, the documentation or recognition of the object isn't the priority, but what it makes you feel like to look at the image that comes into being when you start to play a little with perspective and angle, different types of light coming from different directions, reflections, and reflected colours from other objects in the environment.


To this end, I set an important parameter in the WonderWorlds project - namely that the images had to be taken THERE AND THEN, no photoshopping after the fact.

Amethyst experience 4

I've had and I still have my fun with plugin filters for various art programs to make interesting, spontaneous and beautiful images of all kinds; and that's one thing.


With the WonderWorlds images, there exists a certain of purity - and I am literally painting with colour and light here.


That's the medium of photography - light.

Pure Gold

And that's the fascination - to see the images change when the light changes, when it reflects differently, surprisingly, in the moment, for just a moment - and that is captured by the camera, and becomes A WORLD in that moment.

Green Corona

I love it!

For every image therefore, the choice and movement of light that creates it as unique, even if you photograph the exact same object again and again, and yet again; and the choice of resulting works of art is essentially infinite.

Holiday - jump right in!

It is good practice then for the Art Solutions processes to CHOOSE WHICH IMAGE I will take, and make into a photograph that remains, that becomes a unique work of art.


And of course, once something has become a work of art, its very ESSENCE is not fulfilled until and unless human beings LOOK AT IT.

Silver Orb

And that's why I made


I could have appended these images to one of my other sites, but they are a thing in its own right, a series of events, unfoldments and an entertainment for me as well that is quite unique in every way, and I felt that truly deserved to have their own space, their own audience and find their rightful place in the Universe of the World Wide Web.


It amuses me to think of the visitors who come in the night, unknown to me, led by strange keyword searches for "alien tentacles" perhaps, and who find WonderWorlds, and spend a little time there.

diamond machine

I should think many will be confused and leave soon enough; but there will be some who might "get it" and have a good time with the colours and the lights, the shapes and existences, and some amongst them might even get an idea or two about their own art, perhaps something that will become a story, or a seed for a poem.

Golden Rod

That's a nice thought and it completes the process of art - from the idea of the artist, to the exhibition, and the response of those who engage with the work of art.


Then it is done, and all is fair.


Follow your fascinations.

Play as much as you can.

Our time here is not forever.

Best wishes to all,

StarFields SFX

February 2009

Text & Images © Silvia Hartmann 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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