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Art Hands - Healing Artist's Hands Energy Exercise

Art Hands - Healing Artist's Hands Energy Exercise

Do your hands need energy healing? Do they carry old injuries and memories that transmit today in the strokes of the brush, the pen? If our art hands were fully restored, fully in flow, would our lines be smoother, would we make our mark with more confidence ...? Find out with this energy healing exercise for the artist's hands ... 

If I was ever going to do a course in modern energy art, right at the beginning it would include a session of "Micro EMO."

Modern Energy Healing for the Art Hands.

On the hands that hold the brush, the pen, the chalk. To consider the hands as their own energy bodies, with their own blocks and reversals, acquired back in the day when a small squirt gripped a pencil way too hard in furious concentration, blotted paper with ink, failed to control a dripping brush ...

All those "memories" are in the energy system of the hands, and the best way to release them is "hands on healing for the hands."

You can do this yourself.

You can start by placing your hands in the Heart Position, which raises your energy but also "switches on" your healing energy hands, the hands that belong to the energy body. Breathe deeply in and out a few times in the Heart Position and focus on the sensations in your hands.

When you are ready, you can start to gently stroke across your wrist, with the intention of improving energy flow.

You can stroke across the top of your hand, turn it over, and stroke the insides of your hand.

You can gently massage the fingers, one at a time, saying/evoking, "All those bad memories, we'll now let them go ... soften and flow ... soften and flow ..."

Both hands should have a turn and be given the same amount of loving care and attention.

If another person would do it who knows what they're doing, that would be wonderful also. I believe this to be an ongoing thing rather than a "one session fixes all" approach, although one good session would certainly be a start ...

Then we might pick up a pencil. And pay close attention to where those micro-tensions can be sensed, and give them special attention.

You know you're doing it right when you are actually getting memory flashbacks to young aspects as you do this.

Then do the other hand, "the wrong hand" that "should never hold a pencil." Everyone has one of those, not just the lefties!

Give it the exact same amount of attention. Release the micro-reversals.

Keep testing with the pencil and keep going until you are buzzing from head to toe. Then write or draw something.

Keep that up for a week, for a month, and you won't recognise your own hand-writing any longer, nor will you recognise the fear of pencil, pen or brush any longer.

The making of marks is transformed.

Healing hands can draw freely in fresh paint.

It's a wonderful thing for artists ...

Just for ... artists ...?


Silvia Hartmann 2002/2017

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Hand covered in multi-coloured paint reaching out for a hand shake photograph on black background

"Art Hand" by Silvia Hartmann, March 2017

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