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Art Poems - Gifts & Surprises

Art Poems - Gifts & Surprises

Art poems - instead of drawing the pictures, I wrote the words that say more than a dozen pictures :-) one night.

Enjoy Art Poems - Gifts & Surprises.

* This is the "poems" version of Art Solutions.


Sension streams are properly autogenic (full six sensory - what you hear, feel, see, scent, taste and how that makes you feel inside (6th Sense, "emotions").

You then translate these into whatever modality you like and make them into a song, a dance, a sculpture, a painting, to mention but a few.

I had an evening of writing original poetry on July 7th, 2015 in silver pen on black card (very pretty :-) and found them today by accident.

This inspired a symbol hybrid - the great silver fish rising to the moon.

It's a lovely thing to be able to ask to be given something - and your energy mind immediately responds.

Art Solutions. Truly, I don't know how people get by without it ...

Here are the poems, and the fish.


Art Poems: Gifts & Surprises

Art Poem Gifts & Surprises by Silvia Hartmann 7/7/15

Gifts & Surprises

I remember a time

when I was young and wild

I was a child

and all things were

gifts and surprises


Spider weaving your web

how many legs

do you have?


Rain drops are diamonds

shape shifting water beings

dancing in living flames


Stars sparking fire bright

into the night

Light on the sea

pathway to the salty sun

Misty mornings

before the new day's begun


I know a time

I'm always young

Always wild

All things are ...



How many paintings could I do from this ...? Shape shifting water beings dancing in living flames ... Hold me down! :-)


In The Darkness - Art Poem by Silvia Hartmann, 7/7/15

In the darkness ...


Make Waves - Art Poem by Silvia Hartmann, 7/7/2015

Make Waves!


Where arts meet magic art poem by silvia hartmann

Where Art Meets Magic ... :-)


Great Silver Fish - Art Poem plus Symbol Hybrid Image by Silvia Hartmann, 7/7/15 and 3/9/15 respectively

Great Silver Fish x

The poem reads:

Show me something beautiful
something to inspire me
somthing to delight me
something to bring me music
and love

I am ready for romance
ready for the starry nights
softly whispering river pines
green water rushing
lives unfolding
sliding by

Great silver fish
live in the deep
on moonlit nights
they surface briefly
give devotion
blessed reminders
mysteries to come.

Silvia 7/7/15


Art poems together

The "Art Poems" from 7/7/15


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