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Today, June 22 2018, I was looking for an Art Solution and my energy mind suggested I should do sparkling people on a midnight blue background. So I did. I started at sunrise and finished at sunset. It's a sculpture or an artefact that has a painted background. And it's called AWAKE!

We're starting with some colourful people and some size.


I didn't want the people to be completely covered, I wanted their true colours shining through.

So I did not sand them first but left them shiny for the size to puddle.


Stirring them up in the sunshine to help the size to dry.


While the people are getting receptive in the sunshine, I made the back.

This is a canvas I painted with blue paint and generously blessed with sparkles, Positives and some magic words.


The next step was to create the magic mix of sparkles, gold leaf and holographics.


Now to sparkle the people! :-)


Absolutely love to be sparkling the people in the sunshine!

I enjoyed taking these and many other photographs ...



A purple sparkly lady :-)


Yes, and then came the time to assemble the people on the board ...


And here we have it. AWAKE!

It will dry for a while then I will cover it in resin.

Looking forward to standing it upright for the first time soon!

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