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Boaty McBoatface - Think Outside The Box!

Boaty McBoatface - Think Outside The Box!

So Boaty McBoatface is "serious science" - fair enough so. But it got immense publicity, and now, here's an opportunity - if folk can get their heads out of their ... ahm ... "serious science."

As someone commented, children would love this. I say the Adventures of Boaty McBoatface would make a fortune in movie rights, merchandising and delight an entire generation of kids and beyond. You could build another 500 ships with the money you could earn from this. Well, here's my Boaty McBoatface - BEFORE they can throw the copyright book at me! Enjoy :-)

Boaty McBoatface Cartoon by Silvia Hartmann, April 18th, 2016, 15.19

Boaty McBoatface - The Cartoon Character

Oh the adventures Boaty could have!!!

(And the money he could make for his owners ...!!!)


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