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Can A Mens Go To Antarctica?

Can A Mens Go To Antarctica?

Sometimes, a project just arrives like rain falling from a clear blue sky. This is one of those projects.

Can a Mens go to Antarctica ...?


The Mens are a community art project created by Silvia Hartmann in 2015.

A mens being held between finger and thumb

The Mens are miniature hand made sculptures that do not intimidate, but instead, they make people smile.

Many different people smiling with their Mens

The Mens are also not stuck on a plynth in a museum somewhere, they are highly interactive. The Mens become part of a person's real life.

The Mens love to experience new things, and their owners are encouraged to take them out for new experiences, to take photographs and share them on social media.


Make A Wish - With the Creativity Mens!

Make a wish! with the Creativity Mens (photo by Ilka Wandel) from The Mens Facebook page.

Each photograph is also a new work of art and everyone gets to share in the adventure!

Hence "The Adventures of The Mens"!

A world map showing the July 2017 location of the mens around the world

For fun, a world map of where a Mens has been was created. And somebody piped up and said, "There will never be a Mens in Antartica!"

Oh! Really???

Fair enough, it is highly unlikely that anyone who is a friend of the Mens at present will ever go to Antarctica. But that doesn't mean it's impossible!

There are two billion people on Facebook. Perhaps ... .... ...

Facebook post asking for people to share to find someone who is going to Antarctica

That is step 1.

Step 2 is to find someone who is not only going to Antarctica, but who is willing to take a Mens with them, take (at least) one single photograph of the Mens *in* Antarctica as proof, and send it back to us.

At this time, this will most likely be a scientist. Can a scientist be persuaded to take part in a (global) community art project?

We cannot know!

Just because something is supremely unlikely should never mean that we can't at least try.

It would be an amazing journey for a little Mens, and a huge event in the history of Menskind.

Above all else, it would be the perfect answer to the person who said, "There will never be any Mens in Antarctica!"

Fingers crossed! Wish us luck! And share the message. Marvellous things are possible when we connect and work play together.

Silvia Hartmann

July 9th, 2017


The "Can A Mens Go To Antarctica" FAQ :-)

The Mens with the People Symbol, bag packed, ready and waiting!

The Mens who wants to go to Antarctica, bag packed, ready to go! This Mens has the "people" symbol on his chest, it has great trust in the power of people <3


How big is this Mens?

Approximately 5 cms tall.

How much does it weight?

10 gramms - you'll hardly feel the weight :-)

Does the person who takes it to Antarctica get to keep this Mens?

Only if they promise to love it and look after it! If not, a self addressed stamped envelope can be provided for the safe return of the Mens to his birthplace in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK.

Can this be done anonymously?

Oh certainly! We can keep the name of the person entirely secret and just publish the one photo-proof of the Mens in Antarctica to complete the project successfully. Alternatively, the person can become a hero in the history of Menskind to be celebrated until the end of time by also sending a selfie with the Mens! :-)

Just one photo?

Yes, just one photo proof. BUT! We - the people who are following the Adventures of The Mens - would LOVE to have more than one photo!!! It's a huge adventure for a little Mens!

How do we arrange this?

Contact me and we will take it from there!


The Adventures Of The Mens ... TBC ... :-)

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A Mens waving the UK flag

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