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Can Of Worms

Can Of Worms

Sealed Fun Modern Energy Art Solutions for a right old CAN OF WORMS :-)


 Talk came up of a can of worms - there's a video about that, an art video, a Modern Energy Art Solutions video, no less! - and it occurred to me just how happy all those poor worms would be, if the lid came off finally and they could be set FREE, to find their perfect place in time and space, and live happily ever after.

So I got hold of a random piece of paper and made the "Can of worms" :-)

I really enjoyed taking a break from the serious power art for a change and decided to make a colouring in version of my can of worms for future occasions, in case there are more cans, and more worms to be released into freedom, happiness and joy.

I have saved this to my phone for those moments when you need something to colour in :-)


Vector version of "The Can of Worms" (FREE THE WORMS!), April 1st, 2021 :-) by Silvia Hartmann



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