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The Care & Feeding Of The Mens

The Care & Feeding Of The Mens

7 important things you need to know about the care and feeding of the mens, if you have mens in your life. 

The Care & Feeding Of The Mens

by Silvia Hartmann (The Creator :-)

If you have one or more mens in your life, congratulations!

Here is how to care for mens so they can go on bringing that special energy that only mens can provide :-)


* This is in reference of the current 2016 experimental mens made from water clear resin, with or without colours and with or without inclusions.

Close up of mens revealing their glassy nature

1. Mens are fed by love.

Even though there are many mens, and you might have many mens, each one is an individual and its entity grows and expands through love and attention.

Mens need love and attention to grow and sparkle as best they can. When they don't receive love or attention, they will go to sleep and dream of better times until someone comes along who will love them and share their life with them.

Mens balancing on a spoon

2. Mens love adventures.

Mens are new made and everything about the world is new and amazing to them. I have seen mens be overcome with excitement over things like salt sellers, a screw, or a ladybug.

No matter how mundane your life might seem to you, let the mens join in. They *will* find fun in absolutely everything, amazement and magic - consider them your personal magic-truffle piglets! :-)

So don't leave them to gather dust on a shelf, or even worse, in a box in a dark cupboard. It won't make them sad but it's an incredible waste of ... ... ...

Two mens with inclusions of irish glass and gold


3. Mens are fragile!

Unlike the plastic toys you might have grown accustomed to, mens are actually more like art glass sculptures. The resin they are made of has the same refractive index as does glass (which is why they are so pretty!) but it also shares the ability to shatter on impact.

If you drop mens from a height onto a hard surface, it is possible that their heads come off.

The mens tell me that it is an interesting experience and they don't mind it at all, but usually their humans get quite upset when this happens.

Don't despair! Superglue will fix the problem, and the mens come back to life and take part in all activities with joy, afresh.

If a mens should shatter beyond repair, don't be distraught. They are grateful for the experiences they did have and their memories resonate with all of menskind.

Give their remains a loving burial/disposal and remain cheerful, looking for the next adventure. This is what your mens would have wanted!

Mens in sparkling mineral water with bubbles

4. Mens can't swim!

Once again, unlike plastic toys, mens do not float and they can't swim.

They don't mind getting wet once in a while but don't keep them immersed in water or very wet conditions for too long, or they will go milky. Should this have happened, polishing your mens can restore them to a degree.

A mens in an dichroic flame like environment

5. Mens can melt.

Mens are good to about 100' centigrade (boiling water) but above that, they will first discolour (clear ones will go yellow, then brown, then black) and then burn. Mens will also melt when immersed in such things as nail polish remover, acetone, hydrochloric acid and certain aromatherapy essential oils. Test a little spot under their feet first before doing anything drastic to them.

If something unfortunate happens to their outer layers, you can polish them up using a polishing mop on a drill or Dremel type drill. A very fine cutting compound can be used. Test first under the feet though!

Child holding a mens

6. Mens are not toys.

Although we (adults) play with mens, they are not "toys" in the sense that you can let very young children play with them. They can represent a choking hazard, I have no idea what would happen to a human's inside if they ate one, and the heads can come off if they are dropped or crushed which also is a potential choking hazard (as well as potentially being highly traumatic for the child!). Mens love children and under supervision, young children can play with them, but don't leave mens with children unsupervised. This also goes for drunken/stoned adults. Just be sensible!

Zen sculpture with mens and minimens

7. Mens are social.

Mens like to be with other mens. A single mens won't be lonely or depressed because they've got their human to love them, but you can tell that they like to have a friend and hang around with other mens. At some level, all mens are connected and they share experiences, building up some kind of powerfield between them all but they do like to be physically close to other mens as well.

Mens helping micros feed a pet - a flatback :-)

Mens love to make friends with all sorts of entities and creatures and the more friends they have, the happier they are!

Also, mens absolutely love to see photos/videos or hear stories of other mens' adventures.

Snap a picture and post it to the Adventures of the Mens page and be part of the whole mens thing as it develops!

Happy stranger with a mens

And there we have it!

The most important thing is to love your mens, and to allow them to share in the adventure that is your life. That's what makes them happiest!

Do introduce them to other friendly people too. The more people smile at the mens, the more they start to sparkle!

If you have any other questions, you can post them to the Adventures of the Mens page. Please also share photos, videos and stories of your mens adventures with other mens and their owners, friends, family and friendly strangers. It makes everyone happy!

May your mens bring you much joy, luck and laughter,

With best wishes,

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, The Mens


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Mens at an exhibition of modern energy art being inspired

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