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The Joy Of Casting Metal - Dragon Coins

The Joy Of Casting Metal - Dragon Coins

I really have to ask - is there anything as incredibly satisfying and wonderful as casting metal? Making an object that has never existed before, starting with the original sculpture, making a mould, then melting the cold hard metal so it becomes liquid and pouring it into the mould, then that final amazing moment when you free the metal object from the mould and you hold it in your hand for the first time?

There's something really special about working with metal. From a magician's perspective, don't even get me started on the magical properties of metals :-) and from the perspective of creating reality, understanding that "the Hard" isn't so hard as it might seem, change the conditions a little and cold metal becomes malleable, flows, turns into the shape you desired it to be ...

I've been deeply involved for some months now in the re-write of The Genius Symbols 2nd Edition first, and then, the project of the decade as far as I am concerned - the new Project Sanctuary book.

That takes you far away from the Hard and into these other realms; and I think I've had the desire to make some hard things at least partially as a grounding exercise. Or, and as the Dragon Rising symbol is also the symbol of Project Sanctuary itself, a direct connection from Sanctuary to the Hard.

However, the two metal dragon coins I made last night are just delightful to me on every level.

The dragon coins are heavy and solid, cold, gorgeous to hold. If we still had coinage like that, if we still paid our bills and for our toys and groceries with these sort of coins, the whole world would be so different ... People's attitudes to money and wealth and spending and also saving would be completely different.

Imagine these coins were made of gold, and you had a sack full of them! Virtual money that we move around, figures that never manifest into anything real, it's just not the same ...

But anyway. Here are my first ever attempts at working with high temperature silicon moulds and moulten metal, and it was brilliant, real fun, thoroughly enjoyed it, and wondering now what else I can make ... apart from an army of teensy metal Mirror Men ... :-)

Metal Dragon Coins made by StarFields plus teensy Mirror Men

The Joy of Metal: Dragon Coins & Teensy Mirror Men :-)

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