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Celebration Design

Celebration Design

The "Celebration" design for the 10th Anniversary EMO Conference.

EMO is an amazing modality; indeed there would be no website without it.

For ten years, EMO has been flying under the radar, being used as a modern research tool which has already brought about massive changes - well, we might as well call them what they are, a real paradigm shift in the theory and practice of modern energy work.

So the theme was, "It's time to let the genie out of the bottle!"

EMO is difficult to describe because it is a paradigm shift away from what we know, what we are used to, what we are used to thinking and believing.

For example, a lot of people think that EMO competes with other energy modalities, such as EFT, or Reiki.

It doesn't.

It enables them *further.* It explains them, supports them, and allows practitioners of any other real energy modality to go much, much further than they could before.

As such, it seems to be a meta-modality from the other side of the paradigm shift and doesn't fit into the established categories.

The other problem that people have with EMO is that it's too simple.

Surely, energy work must be more complicated than that? Require decades of study?

If you make that shift, it's perfectly clear why EMO is so simple. If you don't make that shift, you don't "get" EMO.

Well, I guess that's what happens with paradigm shifts. Some people can't take that mental leap into the new. But there are others who are totally delighted by it; by being able to have all this brand new, unexplored territory to play with and discover to our heart's content.

The biggest challenge of them all is at the end that EMO is so thoroughly *joyful.*

Of all the many, many differences this is the one that really marks EMO out as "other than."

People are too immersed in their various pains, too entrained to seek "only peace" and too used to living in vale of tears, it's too much of a shock to the system to discover that energy work is supposed to be light, joyful and *fun* - and that's the only way it can ever really work properly. The dour chanting of heavy prayers for millennia is nothing and doesn't stand up to one single true moment of joy, love or grace.

It's a fact.

Sorry about that, suffering multitudes.

Love and light rule the Universe absolutely and that's all there is; it's the truth, it's incontrovertible but it can be a tough pill to swallow after a lifetime's experience of misery.

For some, too tough.

And that too is as it is.

Meantime, EMO is beautiful, magical, sparkling and puts a whole new spin on everything.

And for those who know that, it's an energy party that lasts a lifetime.

Happy 10th Anniversary, EMO, and thank you for rocking the world!


Celebration: The Celebration Design For EMO 10th Conference

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