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Cosmic Egg

Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg - a symbol hybrid energy painting with a mind of its own ...

The Cosmic Egg energy painting had a will of its own. I wanted it straight in the middle, it shifted under my hands. I wanted a light dusting of sparkly stars around it, it made tentacles. Fair enough. It's the Cosmic Egg, after all :-)

Now all of the Cosmic energy art things just don't photograph right.

This is partially to do with the way they interact with light at different times of the day, but also something about the camera's inability to pick up the iridescent sparkling.

All I can say is that the Cosmic Egg is mindblowing in direct sunlight, mysterious and wonderfully soothing in candle light, and always interesting in any type of light in between.

You'll have to take my word for it ...


The Cosmic Egg 2017, a Modern Energy Art Symbol Hybrid energy painting by Silvia Hartmann.


Cosmic Egg with Silvia Hartmann


Update Dec 30 2020 - The attention seeking behaviour of the "painting with a mind of its own" continued. It twisted and turned the frame to epic proportions - something I've never seen before. And although that did look rather groovy in the sense of the "melting clock" type groovy, it made it impossible to either hang it up or even store it with the other (obediently flat!) paintings. Eventually, I cut it off the frame and laid it flat for some time, then found another frame of the same size. Today I've finally attached it to the new frame and the Cosmic Egg is back! Wonder what it will come up  with next!

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