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The Crazy Creativity Creature!

The Crazy Creativity Creature!

Having a really good relationship with your own energy mind is truly the foundation to having fun as a modern energy artist! There I was, feeling all flat and uninspired, looking at some pretty sparkling bits left over from another project on the work table, sighing and saying, "I don't know what to do with those ..." and my marp (hand with self awareness <g>) arranged the pieces for me to form The Crazy Creative Creature as I sat and watched this happening ...

* You can download your own CCC to colour in!

So here is what my marp made for me on the beaten up work table while "I" sat and watched in wonder ... :-)

The emergence of the Crazy Creativity Creature ...

I transferred the CCC carefully to a board with a backing of gold foil, glooped it twice with additional sparklies and there it is -

The Crazy Creativity Creature, come to cheer me up and remind me that it's not Modern Energy Art unless you are having FUN.


As seems to be the case for all my artwork, the CCC refuses to be photographed correctly.

I've taken a few images in different lights to give an impression of the real thing.


Crazy Creativity Creature detail (it is very very sparkly, as CCCs ought to be!


A de-focused Bokeh version to give an idea of the sparkliness.


And here we have the CCC in the night, by candle light. Gorgeous.

I then went ahead and made a Vector version by tracing over the photo.

That was easy. To make the background fill to approximate the materials of the original, on the other hand, took me hours.


I don't think we've seen the last of the Crazy Creativity Creature. I might get a T-shirt made ...


And here's a Crazy Creativity Creature for you to colour in on a rainy day!

Click on the picture to get to a larger printable 300dpi image.


With blessings of sparkling creativity that is lots of fun, free as the wind, sparkly and colourful, and brings you oodles of joy!

Silvia x

January 2018



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March 16, 2023 (five years later)


Last night, I was doodling and the Crazy Creativity Creature appeared. 

It was followed by four short poems. 

4 Poems March 23


Surfing at the edge of infinity

always here and now

feels like I am forever standing still

frozen whilst the great wave

carries me, hurtling forward

faster than the speed of light.


Soon, I will relax,

let the wave take me,

close my eyes,

smile for tomorrow. 




Remember the lights

on the sea?

Coloured lights

long, streaky reflections

dancing with the night waves

fairy kingdoms

here revealed. 




I loved the star flashes,

rising from the depth.

The endless ocean seems so vast,

mysterious, black

there's life inside, 

there's celebrations,

destinies & ecstacies

are intertwining, 

coming into harmony,

calling me home. 




Superwide the focus - 

can you see it all now?

Can you see the sense in it

as electric organic lines of connection

unfold through all dimensions


Rhythms emerge

drums in the night. 




Thank you, dear CCC :-) from Silvia, March 2023




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