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Dance With Your Soul

Dance With Your Soul

About 2 weeks ago, I got one of those messages - a flash up of this picture. So I went to work ...

It all starts with the lines. This is a symbol hybrid painting, and the lines are how the energy runs through the painting.

The energy lines of Dancing with your Soul on canvas

The energy lines which define the entire painting.

Next, the construction of the two "shining" pieces, the mirrorball and the human shape.


Dancing being under construction

Dancing being under construction


Mirrorball as the metaphor for the soul Power of the Positives series

The soul mirror ball.

This wanted to have a poem put on the back of it, where it cannot be seen, but it will be there nonetheless.

Written in real time at the moment, with a handy pencil.


Dance with your soul poem by Silvia Hartmann

Dance with your soul poem by Silvia Hartmann

Dance with your Soul
let your Soul control
your path, your way.

Bright lights
are placed
along your path
they guide you
safely through
the darkest nights.

Look up.

Stars are smiling.

You are free
to dance.

                Sfx 22

Centre pieces assembled!

Centre pieces assembled!


Painting and lots of glazing later and we have:

Dancing with your soul modern energy art symbol hybrid painting by silvia hartmann

Dancing With Your Soul

Acrylics, holographics on canvas, 24" x 35" Silvia Hartmann July 2022


Dancing with your soul in the garden with Silvia Hartmann

First sunlight in the garden, Eastbourne July 2022


I have a new project starting on August 1st, 2022, and finishing on August 22, 2022, the day before my 63rd birthday.

Project SuperStar (which is all about connecting with the Soul).

I believe this painting was necessary to have been done before we could begin.

I'm very excited about these unfoldments. Looking for a miracle expansion - the Heart of Magic is the immortal Soul, das Zauberherz.


 Dance with your soul vector version by silvia hartmann

Dance With Your Soul Vector Version Silvia Hartmann 2022

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