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Different By Design

Different By Design

Yes, well, what do I say to this?

It seems my art is different by design ...

Check this out, see if you can "spot the real Silvia Hartmann" amongst this little lot.

This is a screenshot of a websearch for Hans im Glück using Google Images on April 3rd, 2012:

Different by design - an image search on Hans Im Gluck and the results in pictures

Did you manage to "spot the StarFields" ...?


Just in case you didn't, here's the one that's mine:


Hans im Glueck - Lucky Hans

Lucky Hans by Silvia Hartmann March 2010 (Vector Design)


Hmm ... I knew I had a slightly different take on things than other people but I guess I didn't appreciate quite the size of the difference.

Ah well, onward and upward!


Silvia Hartmann April 2012



2017 Comment:

This was a moment of revelation. Up until then, I was happy to just go along and do my own thing, as art is meant to be personal and inexplicable. I knew it wasn't though. There is tremendous structure and logic to the processes of art, and from that moment onward, Modern Energy Art was on the table as something that I would like to be known. So people can choose whether they want to be the crazy artists of old who cut off their ears and starve in turrets, or do something else instead. Offering an alternative, as it were.

The story of this particular image is foundational to my personal development as an artist, and the genesis for defining Modern Energy Art publicly and absolutely.

Read the story of Lucky Hans and the importance of art in "ordinary" people's lives here.

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