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Digital Dreams 2021

Digital Dreams 2021

Digital Dreams - they come in the night, around 3am, dreaming, drifting, playing in the manifold dimensions ...

StarFire Genesis, January 2021



Human, Feb 2021



Alien Connections, Alien Planes

May 2021


Something Precious

May 2021


Soul Seed

June 2021


Alien Champion

June 2021


Black Rock

June 2021


Doorway Artefact, June 2021



Gateways In The Universe

June 2021



June 2021


Colourful Existence

June 2021




June 2021


Light Beings In The Summer Garden

June 2021


Break On Through

June 2021



June 2021


Sometimes, you have to travel to the most foreign worlds to find the most precious crystals.

"Foreign World Crystal"

June 2021


5 dragon eggs

5 Dragon Eggs

This inspired the Dragon Dreams story:

June 21


Ocean Wood beach star matrix illustration

Oceanwood Star Dream Illustration July 2021


Orbs 1

Orbs 1


Orbs 2

Orbs 2

Are they emerging from the water or are they diving into it ...?



Upon asking what I should do to feel better ...

Sing - July 2021



Sing without the word ... new words can be placed ...


Refreshing Green


Refreshing ... July 31st 2021


Orb Machine Digital Energy Art by Silvia Hartmann

Orb Machine

August 2021


 5 Dragons colour version digital energy art by Silvia Hartmann

5 Dragons

August 2021


 Psychedelic Womble Digital Energy Art by Silvia Hartmann

Psychedelic Womble

August 2021


 Summer Wind Digital Energy Art Illustration by Silvia Hartmann

Summer Wind

August 2021


 Symbol for Luck & Happiness Digital Energy Art by Silvia Hartmann

Symbol for Luck & Happiness

September 2021


 Fruit from the garden of eden digital energy art by silvia hartmann

Alive Life

(as in, not exactly a "still" life, energy food from the garden of eden) :-) September 21


Happy Elf who grants wishes in blue and purple with stars

Make a wish!

This little guy turned up one night in early September :-)








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