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Dragon Rising

Dragon Rising

"Dragon Rising" heralded a new era and a complete breakthrough, literally, in the way I thought of art.

My first full on consciously visionary painting, it also broke through the barriers of entrainments and taught me how to represent reality in such a way that the energetic information is maintained. 

Dragon Rising was adopted as the name of my new publishing company, specifically designed to publish PROJECT SANCTUARY





The original dragon rising painting by Silvia Hartmann 2006 - golden dragon breaking through a lake of ice and shattering the walls

Dragon Rising by Silvia Hartmann 1996


Not much later, after DragonRising had been painted, I came across a book in a second book store entitled, "Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies," about Chinese Medicine. I never bought it or read it but had a moment of recognition and laughter - of course, my Dragon Rising is "kundalini rising" - enlightenment, in other words.

Thus, DragonRising was the perfect logo and I now call it the seal of my house.

Silvia Hartmann

December 2014


DragonRising Vector 2015

I made a vector version in order to be able to produce prints early in 2015.

Here is the result:

Dragon Rising Vector Image by Silvia Hartmann

Dragon Rising Vector Print Image by Silvia Hartmann, 2015

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