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Energy Art Project: The Bowl of Blessings

Energy Art Project: The Bowl of Blessings

Here is a truly multi-dimensional project for modern energy artists - The Bowl of Blessings. Here, we bring together art and magic, energy and intention, creativity and craft to end up with a single "installation" which serves as a totem in its own right, but can be used for all manner of magical purposes just as perfectly as it can sit by itself on a plinth in an art exhibition. Oh, and of course, you can play with it. Age range - 3 to 300. Awesome. x


Modern Energy Art Project "The Bowl of Blessings"

1. We start by cutting some reasonably similar pieces from scrap bits of wood, and sanding the edges so they feel smooth.

I decided to go for 50 blessings on this occasion, but you are free of course to pick your own number, or add to them over time.

Cutting squares from scrap bits of wood


2: With a suitable pen or brush, inscribe your "blessings" on one side. These are energy positives, words that describe that which you love, which you want, which you need, which you want more of in your life. Think of each one as an energy gift, which is what a blessing would be.

I wrote the plain words on first with a black marker pen and decorated them later, but you can please yourself how you inscribe your blessings.

50 Blessings - Miracle, Happiness, Wealth etc.


3. The art part - each one of these is of course a "blank canvas." Paint them in any way you choose. I personally look at the whole thing as an art project, an energy art project to be precise.

I chose a palette of metallic colours and essentially made 50 small abstract paintings which were connected to the positive blessing on the other side of course.

By using the same style, colour and brushes for all of them, it creates a cohesive "set" for our energy art project. But of course, you can please yourself and make them all different if you wanted to.



4. When they are all done and all dried on both sides, they get to be combined for the first time.

I chose a basket to put them in, and so here's our completed work of energy art - The Bowl of Blessings.

A note for the energists - each one of the 50 positives has an existence in its own right, but when you put them all together you get quite some energy object. EMO the individuals and then the entire energy magic installation, a fascinating experience.

Oh, and you can use this Bowl of Blessings in the Home Harmony way, as an energy fountain, to put somewhere where it helps change the energy of a room, or your house.

5. This is not a static energy art & energy magic object, or at least it shouldn't be.

It gets more powerful through use.

So - pick a blessing!


What did I get?

Magic in the hand

Of course!

Art is magic.

Energy art is energy magic - and as all things from modern energy, it's logical, it's useful but most of all, brings the planes back together.

I hope you will enjoy your own Magic Bowl(s) of Blessings, and have much good energy fun and games with them in the future.

Feel free to share this, and with my personal blessings,

Silvia Hartmann

October 2016


Energy Art Project Complete


 New Bowl for the bowl of blessings


The Bowl of Blessings on the Energy Show, Feb 21 2022

A Master Class with Silvia Hartmann



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