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The Mysterious Energy Body - An Artist's Impression

The Mysterious Energy Body - An Artist's Impression

Asked to create an image to represent the human energy body, I thought that's a challenge.

You have to be very careful when you're illustrating things that cannot be seen; you are making a visual metaphor and if that's wrong, people can get the wrong end of the stick so easily ...

The first thing I wanted to make sure of was that the energy body illustration would be very random and just suggest the presence of various "things" (called ereas in EMO) rather than to say to the viewer, "There's a chakra here, and an auric layer there ..." as though this could be known, proven or was the truth, in some shape or form.

People all look different and have different fingerprints and facial recognition points; that's because they ARE all very different from each other.

Their energy systems are a million times more different than that, to be sure!

Every experience, every thought, every day, all that was eaten, touched, learned, loved, hated, all of it makes its mark on the energy body and what that means is that every person has a totally unique energy body of their own, and even if they are a twin, they look nothing like anyone else in the whole wide world, nor even like anyone else who ever lived, or who is ever still to come.

Isn't that just wonderful?

And to show then some kind of "idealised" energy system, how it is "supposed to be" - man, that's heresy! A fallacy, a death trap, a dead end street conceptually and practically for anyone who buys into that.

The energy body is mysterious, it is beautiful, it is awesome - always. And the older a person gets, and the more stars of memory, moments of happiness they have collected, all those experiences are fields and forms ... just amazing.

So that's what went into the making of this illustration called the mysterious energy body - an artist's impression.

Who is this person?

Someone ...

And of course, we cannot do the real reality of the energy system justice, we would go mad if we tried.

It's an impression, an idea, a metaphor in colours and pixels on the screen of the human energy body, to say, look if you had a mirror that could show you your energy body, you'd be seeing something a bit like that ...

Look beyond, strive to look beyond, and then we won't be taken in by the plastic facades and see the truth about a person, and their times, and their paths ...

SFX May 2010


Energy Body - artists impression of the energy body

The Mysterious Energy Body - An Artist's Impression

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