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The Energy Healing Sension

The Energy Healing Sension

Many years ago, I had an unfortunate encounter with some very depressing "energy healing" in a village hall. Since this happened in 1994, whenever talk came of "energy healing," I was having a PTSD style flashback to that awful experience, but in early July of 2022, my dear Energy Mind sent me a flash sension to give me a new goal, and in the process, open the door to a whole new style of "energy healing" that is good for energy bodies, easy, fun - and actually effective. I decided to do a Star Matrix quick illustration set of before and after to document this Star Event!

In 1994, me and some friends went to a village hall in East Sussex, United Kingdom, because there was "spiritual healing/faith healing/energy healing" to be happening there.

We arrived as the night was falling outside, and there were chairs facing the wall down the hall and a tea station in the corner. A few older people. A bell was rung. Some people went and sat in the chairs and closed their eyes. Some people went to stand behind the chairs, raising their hands, their faces contorted in furious concentration. An egg time ticked, like a death watch beetle. Sometimes, the old hut would creak and shudder ... This went on for what seemed an eternity - until the harsh KRRRRRRR of the egg timer made everyone jump. A man's voice was heard, "Tea's up ..."

Here is my artist's impression of this scene, this experience.

 Sad energy healing

This moment flashed up for me over and over, for 26 years, every time someone said "energy healing group" to me. I would shudder and change the subject, and I'm not surprised.

This time however, as I started to think about an energy healing club, something wonderful happened. The old memory above flashed up but then it was immediately replaced, fireworks explosion style, with a completely different scene:

Good energy healing

Take a moment to compare the energy of the two!

And to be sure, in the second picture, these are energy bodies being happy and dancing with joy!

It doesn't mean people are dancing with their bodies. It just means that when we do any kind of energy healing, the energy bodies should love it so much, they should be coming to life and having a party!

That would be real energy healing!

We can also say that these two pictures simply show a massive leap up the Modern Energy Chart - from a depressing -8 to at least a sparkling +8, but I suspect that at +10, our energy bodies really get up and dance, whether we're standing, sitting or lying in bed!

I am delighted with this and should I ever lose my way with "energy healing for the energy body" again, or get too grim about it, I shall remember to tune into the "disco party" for our living spirits!

Also something else that was fun - as I added the mirrorball, which was strongly featured in the sension, I remembered that I used a mirrorball as the metaphor for our immortal souls all through "The Power of the Positives." :-) A lovely connection and reminder!

 Mirrorball as the metaphor for the soul Power of the Positives series


Making quick sketches of Star Memories is such an amazing way to get more information, more connections and more insights, I really recommend this!

Star Matrix is amazing!


February 2023 update: This inspired me so much, I created a brand new course for the GoE, The Community Energy Healer!

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