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Energy Painting: Project Sanctuary 2012 - 2017

Energy Painting: Project Sanctuary 2012 - 2017

Yesterday, I finally finished a work of modern energy art that begun five years ago. It's an energy painting called "Project Sanctuary" and was done with the set up of, "Do whatever you will, dear energy mind!"

Meet A Colorful Energy Painting!

Yesterday, I finally finished a work of art that begun five years ago. It's called "Project Sanctuary" and was done with the set up of, "Do whatever you will, dear energy mind!"

It's 30"x40" in size and has many layers of different types of paint, ink, resin and all manner of other things, from crystal dust to gold leaf.

For all this time, it was sitting there, and every so often it would call and want something done to it. Whatever wanted to be done, I did as best I could and then I would stop.

There was a big shift five months ago and I was wondering if it was finished then, but it wasn't - until yesterday. Now it is finished. February 19th, 2017, for the record.

It's pure energy art - modern energy art. It's a "story about energy" written in colours and movements.

In order to understand it, it has to be EMO'd - you can't "look" at it and start going on about texture and structure or composition and whatever people will say who are trying to explain art without the 6th Sense.

It's really and truly *an energy thing.*

So I invite you all to have an engagement with this energy object.

Even if you don't like art, or you're not interested in art at all - or one might say, especially if you are not.

Put it on the biggest screen you have, and either tap Energy EFT mindfully, or EMO it until you have reached a +10.

Then spend a little time reflecting on what you have learned - about energy, about "art," about me, about yourself.

Take the time to do this.

You'll be immensely glad you did. x

Notes For Modern Energy Newbies:

Energy Mind: The head/brain of the energy body. Previously known as the sub- or unconscious mind. The energy mind is neither sub nor un!

The 6th Sense: Sensations felt in the body which have no physical origin. Also known as intuition, emotion and psychosomatic pain. Direct feedback from the energy body.

EMO refers to EMO Energy In Motion. You ask, "Where do I feel this in my body? Show me with your hands!" to locate the actual places in your energy body where the energy from the painting makes an impact. You then work with this energy so it flows in, through and out. When it flows in, through and out *fast* the energy exchange is perfect and complete, and you've gained a real experience in mind, body and spirit all at the same time.

Energy EFT is an easy beginners technique to start learning about modern energy by tapping on major meridian points to improve energy flow.

+10 refers to the Energized End State as described by the SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience, Hartmann 2009). This is a scale to measure emotions from negative -10 via Zero (feeling nothing at all) all the way to +10. As energy flow increases, so do positive emotions and personal power until there is a threshold shift at +10. This is also known as the Energized End State in EMO, and the Healing Event in Energy EFT.

Want to learn more about Modern Energy? Join GoE (you get a free manual) or start with an Energy EFT Foundation course (fun and hugely practical!).

Colorful energy painting - detail 1

Colorful Energy Art Painting - Detail 1


Colourful energy painting - detail 2

Colorful Energy Art Painting - Detail 1Colorful Energy Art Painting - Detail 1Colorful Energy Art Painting - Close up detail 2


Colorful Dynamic Energy Art Painting "Project Sanctuary" by Silvia Hartmann


Project Sanctuary - 30"x40" Many media on linen canvas, resin coated by Silvia Hartmann, 2012 - 2017.

Click to see a larger version.  


Colorful energy painting with the energy artist

Energy Artist + Energy Painting = :-)




August 2022

This painting is very dear to me. It is a wonderful energy generator and so it sits still near my work station (on the left, just in my periphery). Just now, the wind blew the patio door to an unusual angle, reflected the setting sun, which shadowed a "Dancing Mens" onto the painting. Luckily I had a camera to hand, because just seconds later, it was gone. Could be the start of a story ... Can you see it? :-)

Shadow play with the PS Painting

PS Painting Shadow Play - Photo

The painting has been sitting there for five years, and this has never happened before, or if it did, I never noticed it. It is perfectly relevant right now, because I have begun Project SuperStar this week which is all about Sanctuary Star Events, so this experience fits in perfectly today.

Thank you, universe! :-)

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