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The Energy r[E]evolutionaries

The Energy r[E]evolutionaries

I wrote a book called r[E]volution because I am of the opinion that we need the Energy revolution, and we need it now. Been having fun with creating cartoons featuring the r[E]volutionaries - in German and in English :-)

 Standing up to the old negativity protest in German

Standing your ground as an energist against the old nonsense

First appeared in the DE version of r[E]volution, 2021 and the riots spread to the English speaking realm :-)



 The Energy Revolutionaries holding up signs!

The Energy Revolutionaries holding up signs!


5000 rEvolutionary Modern Energists

5000 rEvolutionary Modern Energists demonstrating for Energy Body rights :-)


Protest against stress from 7 Tips For Happiness

E Protest against stress from 7 Tips For Happiness


We've been patient long enough and nothing has changed.

It's time to bring in that r[E]volutionary spirit!

Our Happiness Matters!








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