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Energy Symbols TShirt

Energy Symbols TShirt There is one single one of these in existence! Cool Created in 2014, modelled in 2019.
Genius Symbols Energy Symbols Tshirt 2014
Genius Symbols Energy Symbols Tshirt 2014

July 2019

This morning, I recorded the invitation to do the Energy Symbols course and decided to do it in the one and only Energy Symbol T-Shirt in existence 🙂

Years ago, a T-Shirt printing shop started up down the road from me and I was extremely excited! I had this one made, and a MirrorMan T-Shirt, and a few others with this super sparkly holographic stuff (they used a laser cutter to cut them out, but still had to position and press them on by hand, which apparently was a right old pain).

The shop was only open for about 3 months, then it disappeared. Nobody knows where they'd come from or where they had gone. One of those many weird things ...

But one day, there will be GoE Merchandise, and I do hope these Ts will be among it. It's enormous fun to wear but seeing I only have the one, and no way to replace it found as yet, I keep it for extra special occasions.
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