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Free Vector Tortoise Plus The Sacred Turtle

Free Vector Tortoise Plus The Sacred Turtle

I needed an illustration for an article about The Sacred Turtle and looked around for a free vector graphic. As usual, I couldn't find one. So I made my own tortoise vector to turn into a digital image for the illustration, and as it was actually a lot more tricky than I thought it was, decided to share my tortoise vector with others who are in need of such a thing ...

You can see both the links to the free tortoise vector images in .ai and .xar and my "Sacred Turtle" design here.

Original Vector Turtle/Tortoise

Vector Tortoise Preview Image Picture



The Sacred Turtle Illustration

(For Turtle Charm Protection Spell)


Sacred Turtle or Tortoise Image by SFX



A Little Sacred Turtle In PNG

You never know when you need a transparent turtle/tortoise graphic somewhere ... :-)


A little turtle/tortoise transparent background png



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