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Fun With Art

Fun With Art

Fun with Art - pictures of enjoying art and having fun with art by Silvia Hartmann

Fun With Art

Art in many shapes and forms but particularly the paintings are really a complete part of my life. By default, it becomes a part of the life of those who live with me - they are surrounded by symbols and fall over the canvases just the same.

Now I'm very serious about art, expression, freedom of paint, creativity, the internal processes involved and all of that but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with art.

In fact, I don't think you can even have art without an aspect of fun - be it an outright joke to just aliveness, lightness, and enjoyment.

I guess I could have called this "enjoying art" instead.

That's what makes art come to life, be a part of your life and totally ceases to be something that just hangs on the wall in a museum and you visit on Sundays and pray to it.

Well I found a collection of art related snapshots today and thought, ooh, I'll stick them up on my website, then I can look at them more often again and enjoy them.


Ah the eternal question - Which way is up?

"Silvia, ahm, yes, it's ah, very nice but ... which way up is that supposed to be ...?"


Recognise this?

It's the Yellow Duck at the Museum of Modern Art ...

Yellow Duck at the Museum of Modern Art

Picasso the musicians gets the seal of approval from steve kent

Steve with a painting that unlike mine, retails for a few gazillion - but a painting it is, nonetheless!

And a nice and interesting one, at that.

Steve liked it so much he chose it to pose with it. An honour, indeed :-)


Yes I think Chad is making a comeback.

That's the first stage of the Golden Horse, btw.

Chad Hartmann

Symbol painting dreams come true with Andy, Jenny and Silvia

Art people are HAPPY people :-)

Alex with the "Man & Machine" painting.

This device was created to enhance harmony between people and computers, basically. Ever since we've had it, we've been getting along with the technology VERY well. Magic!

Man & Machine painting featuring blond Alex in 2004

Old fashioned slow exposure - hard and painful but fun

Ghosts In The Lodge.

No Photoshop involved - just a slow exposure and all three of us rushing to slither into the picture after a count of ten!

What fun ...

I still had the bruises to prove how much fun it was a week later!

That painting is Radio StarFields.

This is a symbol painting I made for Russell Grant, the astrologer.

 Starry starry night - great painting, the picture was taken under duress

Isn't that a great painting?

All those energy happenings in the sky reflecting and shaping the land below - fabulous!

Now if he'd put black outlines around all those movements, he could have had a symbol painting - LOL!!!

The reason the picture is a bit blurry and I'm looking a bit dodgy there is because as the photo is being taken, a big security guard is storming across the hall towards us.

I had touched the painting and flash photography wasn't allowed. So I briefly posed, Steve snapped and then we ran ...

Campbell Soup Picture by Andy Warhol - Silvia chooses Beef Noodle flavour ...

I didn't realise how big this was until I stood in front of it. That's very amusing too and here was someone who also had fun with art.

Dour people like to talk about "social commentary on the consumer experience" but look. It's a joke. The artist had FUN with that. And I wonder if he "evoked" the different flavours INSIDE the cans as he was painting it every so often and would start to giggle.

Perhaps he didn't.

On the day, I went for Beef Noodle, anyhow!


Hanging a symbol painting - Human Love won't go straight - LOL!

"Is it straight yet?"


Keep going, Silvia ...

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