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Genius Symbol Mandala

Genius Symbol Mandala

I love The Genius Symbols. They have brought immeasurable joy into my life, I have just had such a good time making different symbol sets, and eventually, I made a symbol game board, an acrylic painting on canvas.

I use it for special purposes and always regretted I couldn't take it with me when I went away to a conference or such; and when I came across a company who prints custom art scarves the other day, the The Genius Symbol Mandala literally jumped into my mind. But before we got started on that, there was the vector version to be done ...

So here's the whole story so far in pictures.

As always, the colours aren't right; the golds don't show as they should and the blues and greens are never really right but you can get an idea what this is.

Let's start with the original painting:

This really looks so terrible compared to the real painting ... another exhibition will have to be held I think ...

Anyway. That was not as easy as it looks; try and figure out how to get 23 into a circle!

What I did in the end was to throw the calculator away and arrange my famous "Pharaoh's Eyes" Lapis Lazuli cabochon symbol set directly on the canvas, moved them around until they were just right, then traced round them. That's why each one in the painting is slightly different because the cabochons are all different if similar.

This is the painting as a game board; when all the symbols are face down, it's called a silent symbol sphere and you can use it to charge objects placed in the centre.

This is a normal symbol sphere. If you don't know, you can use each symbol to make a wish, send energy or strength, and with all 23 in place that's a major piece of energy magic you did there and boy, do you know you did. You can charge water, send distance healing (put a photo of the recipient in the centre) and all sorts to the degree that this basic structure has been called "the magic machine."

So now, to the next step. To make the vector version for a high quality image that can be printed on things.

Vector design for the genius symbol gameboard mandala scarf

That was fun but took a while again, and again, the 23 spaces for the symbols are placed by hand as is everything else in this design. It might look mechanical but it sure ain't.

Some of the colours from the original painting were not replicable so I just went with the flow on this one.

I sent it off to be printed on a silk scarf, bated the breath and waited ...

So here it is!

Isn't that cool? Hehe. Looks like a photoshop effect but that's the scarf draped over a black box in front of a black screen.

The scarf is 50cm x 50cm which isn't big for a scarf but just the right size to put on a table or on a bed to use as a Genius Symbol Game Board.

To keep with the spirit of the original painting, I made every one of the 23 places different and unique, even though they are now all the same size.

Here is the scarf with my Genius Symbol set of dichroic cabochons. Very pretty and a good match.

And one with the symbols turned over ... :)

That's a close up; I have to say I was surprised how accurate the printing on the scarf was.

And I thought it might be nice to photograph the scarf with its progenitor, the painting.

And a little dress up fun to end the session - hehe! Now I can go rob places and I won't be recognised!

Haha ...!!!

Great stuff, art is just so much fun, makes my inner child have a good time (for a change!) with pretty colours, silky fabrics and a laugh as well, all with a sprinkle of magic.

Who could ask for more?




Silvia Hartmann

March 2012


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