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Golden Question

Golden Question

The grand finale for an amazing May on the last day with a new experience of Star Art - the golden (???)! 

This MEA artefact has a lovely story. 

Repost from this morning, May 31, 2021:

Wow. Posted this to Star Matrix 5: Happy Monday! I just had me a real Star Moment, taking my "Golden Remedy" out to meet its first sunrise, and it completely surprised me. I hadn't thought much of it but it really catalysed when the sun hit it. Wow. I might need to give it a new name!

PS: I've done Star Matrix 5x. Properly, each time. I got just over 300 entries in my Book of Stars. And the last ten, there are only 2 "old" memories, the other 8 are dated 2021, Age 61. FYI. 


I forwarded this to StarMatrix Forever: 

Today, I COULD FEEL IT!!! Really feel it that a Star Moment was possible, on the horizon, but I didn't know where it would be coming from or what it was going to be.

The thing I made, I didn't think much of it. In fact, it is made from two "neglected" things I found whilst tidying up the art room the other day - a background that never found a use, in gold, kinda lame, and a resin half-bottle, a project an aspect started ages ago, was supposed to be a set of 7 magic bottles in different colours you can use like a piano to make energy cocktails for yourself. Alas, after making 2 of them, the aspect realised that they would need way too much resin to make all of them, too expensive, and the project was abandoned. The two objects, the background and the bottle, lay on the pile of "should I chuck this or has it some further use?" and it occurred to me to put them together. They looked quite happy so when the new cupcakes were lined up to be resined, the left overs went to the "golden remedy." It looked quite nice but I didn't think much of it.
Until this morning.

Sunrise. Beautiful. Oh, I could go out and do a selfie with the golden bottle thing, might as well ... 

Selfie just before sunrise

Selfie just before sunrise :-)

But when the light hit it out there, the whole thing transformed. 

It became ... unique. Precious. And BELOVED. 

Golden sunrise moment ...

Golden sunrise moment ... 

Oh my ...

It actually felt as though ... something was healed, or perhaps evolved, I don't know what, but it was ... beautiful. 

Yeah and then the whole thing out in the garden with the camera and the sunshine and the "Golden (???)" just became fun, joyful, so enjoyable just to see the sparkles in different colours, the transparencies interacting, blue sky, green foliage ... just lovely. 



Happy now, "afterglowing," 🙂 serene and still surprised and astonished. 

Definitely "Golden ???" - 2021, Age 61 ... a new entry for my Book of Stars ... !!!


So, what's this all about, if it's not a "remedy" ..? It's golden, that's for sure; and in the interim, I keep referring to it as The Golden (???) or in spoken words, The Golden Question. 

Perhaps it's a tonic ... but who knows what's inside that bottle! 

Either way, it's a delightfully sparkling artefact, and has a Star Event associated with it. 

And I like that it's a question at this point :-) 


The Golden Question by Silvia Hartmann 2021

The Golden Question by Silvia Hartmann 2021

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