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Happy Bubbles!

Happy Bubbles!

In November of 2021, I started a little painting with lots of colourful happy bubbles. It got so far and then it just sat there, unfinished. Yesterday, I went to work and today, Sept. 22, 2022, it got its first Sunrise. Welcome, Happy Bubbles! I'm glad that you are finally here.

Happy Bubbles under construction

Happy Bubbles under construction.

I really enjoyed drawing all these little circles by hand, found it immensely relaxing.

Making your own colouring in outlines beats colouring in other people's designs.

It's an energy thing :-)


Happy Bubbles under construction II

Painting all done ... and then it sat, and waited, biding its time ...


Happy Bubbles 1st Sunrise Sept 22, 2022

Happy Bubbles 1st Sunrise, Sept 22, 2022 :-)


 Happy Bubbles Detail 2

Happy Bubbles Detail 2


 Happy Bubbles Detail 1

Happy Bubbles Detail 1

At the moment, it is still lying flat next to my workstation, and it looks like water is bubbling up out of the painting, like gravity is reversed, the droplets going upward. I find that wonderfully soothing and don't want to hang it up on a wall! :-)



 Silvia with Happy Bubbles

Silvia Hartmann with Happy Bubbles, Sept 22, 2022







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