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Happy Things

Happy Things Visionary energy art can be strenuous. There's definitely room to make some happy things once in a while.
Happy Thing Modern Energy Artefact by Silvia Hartmann
Happy Thing No. 1 Modern Energy Art-efact by Silvia Hartmann

I've made myself a "Happy Thing!" Its only purpose, function and desire is to make people happy and to bring a little more happiness into the world.
I had a moment of revelation when I made this.
This is "Happy Thing! No. 1"
There will be many more "Happy Thing"s. They can be paintings, they can be sculptures, they can be anything at all, but they are all "Happy Things."
Chances are, they will be colourful and may sparkle, particularly in candle light ๐Ÿ™‚
This particular one, Happy Thing No. 1, just happened along as I was tidying up my art space ๐Ÿ™‚
It is made from black liquid plastic, lots of colourful bits and a layer of transparent resin over the top. It is virtually indestructible (unless you set fire to it!) and weighs next to nothing. It can be carried in a handbag or even in your back pocket, and it can be put up anywhere you go.
If you know the story of Clever Hans & my grandmother, you'll recognise the theme ๐Ÿ™‚
This one is not for sale. It's mine. Happy Thing No. 1 is going to be kept around to sparkle into my awareness and to remind me of many things, but most of all, that my art is all about happiness, colour, a little mystery and a whole lot of energy.
I love it, I love energy art, I love surprises when they come and really surprise me, and I feel this is a personal threshold shift for me that's been a long time coming.
Here's to many more HAPPY THINGS! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Thing No. 2

Happy Thing No. 2 Modern Energy Art-efact by Silvia Hartmann
Happy Thing No. 2 Modern Energy Art-efact by Silvia Hartmann

Happy Thing No. 5

Happy Thing No. 3 - Energy Symbols Typing Pad

Happy Thing No. 2 Energy Symbols

January 2023: I had an interesting Energy Symbol experience yesterday with this object. There was all manner of chaos going on, ambulance crew in the house, total freak out, and my aspect was standing in the hallway, wondering what to do to keep energy high. And there, on the shelf, was this object, a small square with all the ES on it. The aspect picked it up, held it like a mobile phone and let the marps touch one after the other. Like an energy code. Fascinating to the max, tranquility ensued, power returned. Wow.

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