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Harvesting From The Tree of Lights

Harvesting From The Tree of Lights

Harvesting from the tree of lights - a man and woman collecting a most precious harvest. Vector art, symbol hybrid based on an original painting from 1998 by Silvia Hartmann.

Man and Woman Harvesting From The Tree of Lights by Silvia Hartmann

Harvesting From The Tree of Lights (2015) by Silvia Hartmann

Original painting 1998, based on a sension.


2019 Update: The Star Matrix Connection
(Re-post from the MEA Art Group October 2019)

I was thinking about something for the PTSDFree people to colour in before going to sleep at night (after a member told me that their nightmares had stopped when they switched from watching TV to colouring in for an hour before going to bed).
My energy mind flashed me up "Harvesting from the tree of lights," a painting an aspect did a very long time ago based on a sension (our word for vision) of being on this vast plane, and there was the tree of lights, and we were gathering in the harvest.
I knew it was important, which is why the aspect painted it at the time, and another aspect later on made a vector version to be included in the MEA Colouring In book.
But it's only tonight that I really "got it" - my energy mind was trying to tell me about the Star Events! THAT is why that sension kept coming back and why there's such a sense of serenity about this picture.
I talk about Star Matrix in terms of "gathering in the harvest," I was surprised when I first heard myself say that, but now the dots are connected!
So yeah.
"Harvesting from the tree of lights" is real "visionary art" - sensonary art, as we would call it, because it's all six senses involved in a real "vision," not just what we see.
It's an early example of "I can paint ANYTHING!!!" and I'm so glad the aspect did paint it, did bring it into the hard, and even though the original painting is now lost, I could render it afresh as a symbol hybrid many years later.
I knew there was an article about "Harvesting" online, so I looked it up. And I was shocked.
The original painting happened in 1998.
I'm posting this here to inspire and encourage you to paint your sensions as your energy mind sends them.
They are a hugely important and oh! so mysterious and MAGICAL form of Star Events.
This goes right back also to the quick sketches of Star Memories.
By rendering them into the hard, we make that all important connection that brings mind, body and spirit into the same place, at the same time.
For personal development and real human evolution, that is completely priceless.
And on a whole different level from having a picture of your wedding day on the mantlepiece, which may or may not have been "the best day of your life" after all.
Harvesting from the Tree of Lights with extra stars for social media 2019


 August 2022 

Today, "Harvesting from the Tree of Lights" came up for me whilst doing Project SuperStar Unit 1. 

This was, indeed, a SuperStar experience, the original sension back in the day, the Star Matrix connection, but it goes further than that. 

There is even more to it, more to be learned and more to be unlocked. 

Today, I got a sension of a tree with fruit that evolves through many different stages, "spirit fruit" as it were, and its final stage is to become a shining ball of living liquid light that will change a normal person into an Elory when they "drink" from it. 

And THAT just connected up with my current artwork, "Dancing with your soul." 

Wow. Love Star Map connections!!! 

Dancing With Your Soul - Silvia Hartmann 2022


This is wonderful - the connection with the Tree of Lights, and the Spirit Fruit sension, answers a serious question I had about "Dancing" - that the two are separate yet of the same material. In the Spirit Fruit sension, you drink from the light and it changes you so you become the light. 

We can translate "drinking the light" into "creating energy connections with your soul through which important and unique energy forms flow into you, and when they do, that transforms all of you into a more enlightened being." 

That is really groovy! And makes perfect sense. I keep saying the soul is the Heart of Magic, das Zauberherz, and it is the key to real empowerment. Really feels like we're on the right track here! :-)

PS: This whole thing revolves around what I consider to be the most important story I've ever written, based on a fabulous sension, "Elory's Joy." 

Digital Illustration for "Elory's Joy" 

Read the story here. 



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