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Healing Hands Symbol Hybrid

Healing Hands Symbol Hybrid

Healing Hands - the story of a hybrid symbol painting, healing hands

Art: Symbol Painting Hybrid

Healing Hands

by Silvia Hartmann, Acrylics on Canvas

Healing Hands

Frankly, all I want to do is Symbol Paintings. I absolutely love doing the whole process, I just *love* it, from the inception of the idea ("I need to do a Symbol Painting for that ...") through all the stages of the process.

However, my teenage son is thoroughly fed up with me painting these "squiggles" so on this occasion, I did that thing where I put a visible object (or three, in this case) in front so that folk such as my teenager have something to look at that makes sense to them.

Is this a prostitution of my pure art?

LOL ... ah come on now you guys ... :-)Healing Hands - Symbol Painting Hybrid by Silvia Hartmann

So, this is my "healing hands" meditation with THREE hands (they are gold, but it doesn't come out correctly in the photograph of the painting) in the foreground.

The reason that there are three hands instead of two is to remind us all that it isn't our "flesh hands" that do the healing, but indeed, our spirit hands, hands of ghost, energy hands or whatever you want to call the hands of our energy person.

As I was doing this painting, the colours stage which is so incredibly important and causes so many energy shifts as I do it, I kept waiting for the "other" colours to come in - green, blue, violet, purple, turquoise.

But they just didn't want to be there - my energy mind insisted that it should be all yellows, oranges, pinks and reds.

The painting was a success.

Teenage son approved of it, there is a sense of humour for me in it, and Healing Hands is still a fully functional symbol painting as well - what more can we ask for? :-)

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