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I was a bit depressed about the state of the world in June of 2020, and decided that I needed an energy art solution. I decided to do a MEA Word Art Symbol Hybrid for a special power positive - and what came to me was HOPE.


I did the outlines, went to bed and the next morning, this poem came to me:

Imagine a world
where magic is real.

Where every thought and deed
returns to you threefold.

Where every unkind word,
or hateful thought or deed
comes back in waves,
in time,
is amplified,
and hurts the sender
most of all.

Imagine a world
where magic is real.

Where every thought and deed
returns to you

Where every small attempt
at being loving, being kind,
empowers you
and makes you stronger,
heals a little pain,
or dissappointment
from the past.

Imagine a world
where magic is real,
where we have power,
make a choice,
direct our journey
towards hell
or towards heaven,
for both exist
right here,
and where we live
is up to us.

Imagine a world
where magic is real,
it rules supreme,
connects the dots,
a tapestry of wonder
all around
and if we were
to touch it,
we would connect
to power ancient, wise
and walk in beauty,
grace and splendour,
eternal sunshine
of the soul.

Silvia Hartmann
June 2020


I was quite surprised how good the social media response was to this; that day, I finished the painting, and it also got a little poem to go with it, which I noted down around the back of the canvas:

Hope springs eternal
is a wellspring
water of life
oasis in the heart
of drought and desert storms
here we are nourished
here we are saved
here we can live
here we will thrive.

Silvia Hartmann
June 2020


All of this had a noticeable effect on my mood; I wasn't hopeless any longer and also found some specific topics where I realised an aspect had "given up all hope" on and got inspired to revisit these, take a look with fresh eyes :-)

The painting also featured in Sunday Live that week, and the concept of HOPE and what it does for human beings featured as the core exercise that week.

Hope really is a wonderful thing.



Hope Energy Art Painting in the garden

"Hope" Modern Energy Art Symbol Hybrid Word Art painting in the garden


Hope Symbol Outlines

Hope painting original symbol lines

Hope Painting Poem on the back

Hope painting with title and poem on the back


 Hope to colour in

Your own HOPE to colour in!


 Hope with Silvia in the garden

Hope with Silvia in the garden :-)



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