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How To Be A Real Artist

How To Be A Real Artist

In order to know that you are a real artist, you need to have had a convincer experience, a Star Event. Once this has happened, you don't question that any longer, not even in very low and depressed/negative/angry energy states. It's an example of 1=INFINITY. 

During Project SuperStar, I came across a Star Event that I want to highlight. I would call it a "convincer experience" (but of course it's a true Star Event, a "miracle expansion" and we'll come to that later).


This Star Event happened in May of 2014, only 8 years ago, and the metacomment was, "OMG I am a real artist!"

Now this is fascinating because I've been doing my art for the preceding 50 years at least - but until the convincer experience that sunny afternoon, clearly I didn't believe that I was a real artist.

But I "always wanted to be a real artist" and therefore would do things in general, as well in my art, to somehow become one.

There is a world of difference between the behaviour, thoughts and emotions of a person who "wants to be an artist" and a person who had a convincer experience Star Event where this was once and for all laid to rest - 1=INFINITY.

Now, you don't have to prove anything to anyone any longer. It's a real miracle expansion, "Now, things are possible that were never possible before."

Since 2014, I've been "a real artist." I've behaved and acted as such, walked around like artists do, went to sleep like an artist would and got up in the mornings as an artist. It really does affect at the micro level everything you do when you've had a convincer experience that takes you from "I want to be X!" to "I am X!"

I am curious if you have such convincer experiences in your Star Memories. Once I started looking, I found quite a few, including one of "being a real woman" at age 21. We may presume that before that, my aspects didn't think of themselves as such or else no such convincer experience could have possibly happened. (That's a thought in the direction of not making life changing decisions on such topics when you are still too young to have had the necessary convincer Star Events ... )

I hope you'll take the time to reflect on this, and to write down your thoughts and/or Star Memories, for the benefit of the future of humanity.

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If you are a random person reading this, and you are still wondering how to be a real artist, I suggest strongly you get into Star Matrix as soon as possible. 

You need to review the high Star Moments you have had in your life that are directly related to your art. 

The reason for this is that only the real Star Memories will contain the knowledge, wisdom, information and energy which are the clues, personal step stones, to your own journey as an artist. 

None of this can be found in trauma memories; only Star Memories create these dots you need to connect to start to understand the bigger picture of your art, your creativity, your life. 

If you have not yet had your own true Star Event of "OMG - I am a REAL ARTIST!" then by reviewing the Star Moments you've already had with your own art will guide you in the right direction for you. 

A free intro and how to get into Star Matrix can be found on, link is below. 

Don't delay. Star Matrix is the way!


 I wish I was a real artist illustration by Silvia Hartmann 2022


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