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Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential

The 3 Stars are the Energy Symbol (Genius Symbols, SuperMind Symbols) for STARDUST - and they stand for infinite potential. 

StarDust is one of my favourite things. There isn't a situation when throwing a handful of StarDust into it and it doesn't improve, somethings radically and profoundly so. I had a lot of fun making this with magic sparkle mix. 

Infinite potential

Infinite Potential - Preferred Orientation


Whilst it was drying, I made a seamless repeating background tile of a close up photograph:

infinite potential seamless tile


I wanted to play with it some more so I ended up making a digital image based on the above, called "Soul Seed" ... at 3am ... 

 Soul Seed Digital Image by Silvia Hartmann

"Soul Seed" Digital MEA by Silvia Hartmann




The infinite potential is held in our souls ... 

infinite potential with silvia hartmann

 Infinite Potential with Silvia Hartmann, June 8th, 2021


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